PHP Full Form

Hypertext Preprocessor {Earlier Called Personal Home Page}

Dear Mates, Welcome to FullFormsDetailed. PHP Full Form? Today I am going to tell you about PHP Full Form. Mates, you will see the use of PHP everywhere, for example you can see Facebook. Facebook creation has also been made using PHP module. Using by PHP you can create the best web page as per your wish. Mates, in this article today you will get the complete information of PHP with PHP Full Form like what is PHP, who created PHP and when, what is the advantages, disadvantages of PHP, I will tell you everything within this article. So let's start.

PHP Full Form
PHP Full Form

History/Introduction of PHP 

PHP is a 'HTML-embedded scripting language' basically utilized for dynamic Web applications. PHP was written in 'C' programming language by Rasmus Lerdorf in year 1994 for utilized in observing his online resume & related individual data. Therefore, PHP initially meant "Individual Home Page".

What is PHP and how does it work?
PHP is a finished programming language and can be utilized for capacities, for example, server-side scripting {utilizing a web server to satisfy a client's solicitation by running a content straightforwardly on web server to produce dynamic HTML pages} or composing to work area applications.

When was PHP invented?
It was initially made by Rasmus Lerdorf in year 1994; PHP reference usage is currently created by PHP Group. PHP initially represented Personal Home Page, however it currently represents the recursive initialism PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

What is PHP used for?
PHP is a server side scripting language. that is used to create Static, Dynamic sites or Web applications.

Types of functions of PHP
There are two sorts of capacities as: Internal (worked in) Functions. Client Defined Functions.

What are the advantages of PHP?
Additionally, this scripting language offers a great deal of assets, for example, orders, capacities and codes, which can undoubtedly be modified and utilized without causing any expense. The usability, simple combination, cost proficiency and simple access makes PHP one of the most mainstream server-side programming dialects.

What are the disadvantages of PHP?
➤ Since PHP is open-source so its code is unmistakable to all developers. If any bugs exist in the source-code, at that point its shortcoming can be investigated by different software engineers.
➤ It can't for huge applications because its upkeep is troublesome.
➤ The blunder treatment of a PHP system can't.

Is PHP difficult to learn?
PHP is viewed as a simple programming language for individuals simply beginning to figure out how to program. Similarly as with any programming language, PHP has rules of coding, shortened forms, and logarithms.

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PHP Array Function

What is PHP array function?
The cluster() work is an inbuilt capacity in PHP which is utilized to make an exhibit. Cooperative cluster: The exhibit which contains name as keys. Punctuation: cluster( key=>val, key=>val, key=>value, ... ) Multidimensional exhibit: The cluster which contains at least one exhibits.

How arrays are used in PHP?
A arrays is made utilizing an exhibit() work in PHP. There are essentially three kinds of clusters in PHP: Indexed or Numeric Arrays: An exhibit with a numeric record where esteems are put away straightly. Affiliated Arrays: A cluster with a string list where rather than straight stockpiling, each worth can be allocated a particular key.

How get key from value in array in PHP?
If you have a worth and need to locate the key, use array_search() like this: $arr = cluster ('first' => 'a', 'second' => 'b', ); $key = array_search ('a', $arr); $key will presently contain the key for esteem 'a' (that is, 'first' ). which'd imply that $key contains the estimation of the key.
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PHP Array Filter

What is array filter PHP?
The array_filter() work channels the estimations of an exhibit utilizing a callback work. This capacity passes each estimation of the info exhibit to the callback work. In the event that the callback work returns genuine, the present an incentive from input is returned into the outcome exhibit.

What are PHP filters?
PHP Filter is an augmentation that channels the information by either disinfecting or approving it. It assumes a urgent job in security of a site, particularly valuable when the information starts from obscure or remote sources, similar to client provided input. For instance information from a HTML structure.

What are the basics of PHP?

1. Tags & Syntax
2. Variables & Datatypes
3. Statements & Expressions
4. Operators & Maths
5. Strings
6. Arrays
7. Conditionals
8. Loops.
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PHP Built in Functions

What is a PHP function?
A function is a bit of code which takes one more contribution to the type of parameter and does some preparing and returns a worth. You as of now have seen numerous capacities like fopen() and fread() and so on. They are worked in capacities yet PHP gives you choice to make your own capacities too.

What is built in function in PHP?
Worked in functions are capacities that exist in PHP establishment bundle. These implicit capacities are what make PHP an exceptionally proficient and gainful scripting language. The implicit capacities can be characterized into numerous classes.

What is date and time function in PHP?
PHP date work is an in-assembled work that improve working with date information types. The PHP date work is utilized to organize a date or time into an intelligible configuration. It very well may be utilized to show the date of article was distributed.
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How can we become expert in PHP?

➮ Peruse a great deal. Discover books, sites, instructional exercises, online manuals. Peruse the discharge notes of each new PHP discharge.
➮ Practice a ton. Attempt the code appeared in models you read.
➮ Show a great deal. You never get the hang of something so well as when you need to instruct it to another person.

PHP Code

How do we start PHP code?
A. 3.0 Run our First PHP Script
B. 3.1 Go to XAMPP server directory. using Windows, so our root server directory is "C:xampphtdocs".
C. 3.2 Create hello.php. To Create file & name it {hello.php}
D. 3.3 Code Inside hello. php.
E. 3.4 Open New Tab. - Run it by opening a new tab in browser.
F. 3.5 Load hello.php.
G. 3.6 Output.

Where is PHP code composed? 
The PHP parser embeds that into the code, and it's come back with the remainder of the HTML. So the PHP code is composed on the server, in documents with a . php expansion.

Can we write PHP code in HTML page?
As a matter of course we can't uses PHP in HTML pages. If you just have PHP code in one html record yet have various different documents that just contain html code, you can add the accompanying to your . htaccess document so it will just serve that specific record as php.

🔗Test PHP Code Online

PHP Code Checker 
PHP code checker that scans your code for normal, elusive grammatical errors and missteps; incorporates a linguistic structure check.
Checkout👉 PHP Code Checker

PHP Tester

Checkout 👉 PHP Tester

PHP Compiler

Is PHP a compiler?
PHP is a deciphered language. The double that lets you decipher PHP is incorporated, however what you compose is deciphered. Both. PHP is ordered down to a halfway byte code that is then deciphered by the runtime motor.

How does PHP compiler work?
PHP translator works done by Zend motor. PHP content is stacked into memory by Zend motor and arranged into Zend opcodes. Opcodes (short for Operation codes), are low level twofold directions. These opcode is executed and HTML is produced for the equivalent.

PHP Constructor

Constructor is a key piece of PHP uh oh idea. Constructor in PHP is uncommon kind of capacity of a class which is naturally executed as any object of that class is made or started up. Constructor is additionally called enchantment work in light of the fact that in PHP, enchantment strategy is start for the most part with two underscore characters.

What is connect in MySQL in PHP?

PHP provides mysql_connect() capacity to open a database association module. This capacity takes five(5) parameters & returns a MySQL interface identifier on progress or FALSE on disappointment.

How do we run a PHP Script?

1) Start a command prompt & Start button - Run - cmd.exe
2) Type full path to PHP executable (php.exe) followed by full path script we wish to run as a windows service.
3) Hit the Enter key to execute the command line.

PHP Curl

What is CURL in PHP w3schools?
CURL : An order line device for getting or sending records utilizing URL linguistic structure. libcurl likewise underpins HTTPS endorsements, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP transferring (this should likewise be possible with PHP's ftp augmentation), HTTP structure based transfer, intermediaries, treats, and user+password validation.

Is Curl part of PHP?
No, it's not empowered of course. From the manual: To utilize PHP's Curl bolster you should likewise arrange PHP - with-curl[=DIR] where DIR is the area of the registry containing the lib and incorporate catalogs. In the incorporate catalog there ought to be an envelope named twist which ought to contain the simple.

PHP Interview Questions

Checkout👉PHP Interview Questions

PHP Documentor 

PHP Documentor is open source documentation generator written in PHP. It naturally parses PHP source code and delivers clear API and source code documentation in an assortment of organizations. php Documentor creates documentation dependent on PHPDoc-organized remarks and the structure of the source code itself.
Checkout👉 PHP Documentor

PHP Example

Checkout👉 PHP Example

PHP Extension 

PHP extensions are assembled libraries which empower explicit capacities to be utilized in your PHP code. For instance, you need to interface with MySQL utilizing PHP. You can actualize your own techniques to associate with MySQL server, make questions utilizing TCP/IP convention.

How do we enable PHP extensions?
1. Open xampp/php/php. ini file in any editor.
2. Search the ";extension=php_intl.dll"
3. Remove starting semicolon ( ; ) Like : ;extension=php_intl.dll. to. extension=php_intl.dll.
4. Save xampp/php/php. ini file.
5. Reboot/Restart our xampp/wamp.

What is Tokenizer PHP extension?
The tokenizer capacities give an interface to the PHP tokenizer installed in the Zend Engine. Utilizing these capacities you may compose your own PHP source examining or adjustment instruments without managing the language particular at the lexical level. See likewise the reference section about tokens.

How do we know if PHP extension is loaded?
In our phpinfo(); , simply hit Ctrl + F in our internet browser, type in the initial 3-4 letters of the augmentation we are searching for, and it should give us whether its stacked.

PHP Error Reporting

What is a PHP error?
Error is the issue or error in a program. It very well may be a few sorts. Mistake can happen because of wrong punctuation or wrong rationale. It is a kind of mix-ups or state of having erroneous information on the code. There are different kinds of mistakes in PHP however it contains fundamentally four principle sort of blunders.

How do we enable PHP error reporting?
1) Log into our cPanel.
2) Go to File Manager.
3) Find 'Error handling & logging' section in php.ini.
4) Last, we can set display_errors variable to On/Off to either show the errors on website or not.

How do we turn off PHP error reporting?
To turn PHP blunder announcing we can utilize the accompanying bit in our PHP content: error_reporting(0); Just make sure to call this before some other PHP mandate. We can likewise kill php mistake messages by going Member territory - > Hosting control board - > PHP arrangement, pick Disabled for Display Errors.

How do we view php error logs?
Naturally, Symphony logs are put away in var/log/dev. log and var/log/push. log inside the task index, contingent upon nature, yet these defaults can be changed in the Monolog bundle design document found at config/bundles/monolog. php.

How do we install PHP on Windows 10?

a. Add C:PHP7 to our Windows system path:- Open System Control Panel.
b. Click/Tap to 'Advanced System Settings'.
c. Install PHP 7 on Win 10
d. In C:PHP7 folder, rename file php. ini-development to php.
e. Edit PHP
f. Change following settings in the file & save the file.

PHP Framework

What is a PHP framework?
A PHP Framework is a fundamental stage that permits us to create web applications. At the end of the day, it gives structure. By utilizing a PHP Framework, you will wind up sparing heaps of time, halting the need to deliver tedious code, and you'll have the option to fabricate applications quickly (RAD).

Why we use PHP framework?
PHP framework help to advance rapid application development (RAD), which spares us time, helps manufacture progressively stable applications &  lessens the measure of dull coding for designers. The general thought behind the functions of a PHP system is alluded to as Model View Controller (MVC).

Which is best framework for PHP?
1) Laravel
2) Symfony
3) CodeIgniter
4) Yii 2
5) Phalcon
6) CakePHP
7) Zend Framework
8) Slim.

PHP Formatter

Checkout👉PHP Formatter

PHP Global Variable 

What is PHP worldwide variable? 
Worldwide factors allude to any factor that is characterized outside of the capacity. Worldwide factors can be gotten to from any piece of the content for example inside and outside of the capacity. In this way, a worldwide variable can be pronounced simply like other variable however it must be announced outside of capacity definition.

What are the different types of PHP variables?
PHP has numerous types of variables, however the most fundamental variable sorts are number (entire numbers), coast (genuine numbers), strings, and booleans.

What are PHP Expressions?

An expression is a touch of PHP that can be assessed to deliver a worth. The easiest articulations are exacting qualities and factors. A strict worth assesses to itself, while a variable assesses to the worth put away in the variable. Increasingly unpredictable articulations can be framed utilizing basic articulations and administrators.

What are PHP Headers?

The PHP header() work send a HTTP header to a customer or program in crude structure. Prior to HTML, XML, JSON or other yield has been sent to a program or customer, a crude information is sent with demand (particularly HTTP Request) made by the server as header data.

What are PHP Keywords?

keywords are the words hold some importance. In customary utilization of PHP language, these words can't be utilized as a steady, a variable name, a strategy name, a class name, and so forth. These watchwords when utilized are consequently comprehended by PHP.

PHP Version

How many versions of PHP are there?
Currently, there are three bolstered variants of PHP, i.e PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1. Which means PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 have all arrived at end of life; they are never again bolstered with security refreshes.

PHP latest version
Recent Version of PHP is 7.2

Is PHP a good language?

If you intend to fill in as a consultant, PHP is likely a decent expertise to learn, since WordPress and other substance the executives frameworks are well known with non-specialized individuals. Generally speaking, PHP is still broadly utilized by most of the web, so there should even now be a steady interest for PHP engineers.


It is the most famous database framework utilized with PHP. MySQL is quick, dependable, and simple to utilize database system.It utilizes standard SQL. MySQL assembles on various stages.

How does MySQL work with PHP?
They cooperate in light of the fact that you permit them to. In your php content you should interface with a sql database before you can utilize that database. gaze upward "mysqli_connect()" in php documentation. HTML pages call PHP contents as a rule through a client input structure.

Does MySQL need PHP?
There is a worked in library in PHP which underpins MYSQL works however one must have MYSQL server running on the machine(or a XAMPP server). PHP is the backend language and remembers for back-end improvement, while MySQL is the database language. It can't to learn MySQL preceding PHP.

What is difference between PHP & MySQL?
The fundamental difference between PHP and MySQL is that PHP is a scripting language, while MySQL is a social database the executives framework. MySQL, on other hand, is a RDBMS, which permits the incorporation of a database either on the web or on a server.

PHP Number Format 

The number_format() work is an inbuilt capacity in PHP which is utilized to organize a number with assembled thousands. It returns the arranged number on progress else it gives E_WARNING on disappointment.

How can we get 2 digit decimal numbers in PHP?
Utilize the PHP number_format() work. Utilize the PHP number_format() work. round_to_2dp is a client characterized capacity, and there is no hope except if you posted the presentation of that work. This will show precisely two digits after the decimal point.

What is PHP w3schools?

PHP is a server scripting language, and an amazing asset for making dynamic and intelligent Web pages.

PHP Operators

! ++ --
→Right to left
* / %
→Left to right
+ -
→Left to right
< <= > >=
→Left to right
== !=
→Left to right
→Logical AND
→Left to right
→Logical OR
→Left to right
→Right to left
= += -= *= /= %=
→Right to left

PHP Projects

Checkout👉PHP Projects

PHP Server

Can PHP run without server?
Presently we Can RUN PHP Program Without Install Any Web Server in PC.

Which is best server for PHP?
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)


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