Dear Mates, Welcome to FullForms Detailed. Today's we will see Full Form. Whether we are preparing to planning for a competitive exam or a job interview, having the knowledge of various general acronyms, full forms could be highly essential to mark our success. Although we heard these abbreviations every day many of them are still unknown to us. Mates, here we are presenting for you a list of the most interview asked & exam appeared full forms that you must know & practice well to ensure get success. All these full forms, abbreviations are derived from an educational, Information technology, organizational, computer, science, general & other categories etc. So let’s start full form.

Full Form
Full Form

1G    First Generation✔
2G    Second Generation✔
2FA     Two Factor Authentication✔
2WD    Two Wheel Drive(TWD)✔
3G     3Rd Generation✔
3GP     3Rd Generation Project✔
3GPP     3rd Generation Partnership Project✔
4G     Fourth Generation✔
4WD    Four Wheel Drive(FWD)✔

Domain Name Extensions (In short)

.BD         for Bangladesh✔
.BIZ        for Business✔
.COM     for Commercial✔
.EDU      for Educational✔
.GOV     for Governmental✔
.INFO     for Information✔
.NET       for Network✔
.ORG      for Organization✔
.UK         for United Kingdom✔
.US         for United State✔
.IN     for India✔
. CO.IN   for commercial entities for India✔
.NET.IN   for network entities for India✔
.ORG.IN   for non-profit organizations for India✔
.FIRM.IN   for firm or company for India✔
.GEN.IN  for general use for India✔
.IND.IN   for individual for India✔
.INFO  for information✔
.MOBI  for mobile devices✔
.ASIA  Asian Presence for individuals or companies✔
.CO   for Columbia✔
.COM.CO   for commercial entities✔
.NAME  for individuals✔
.EU    for individuals✔
.CO.UK   for companies for United Kingdom✔
.NET.CO   for network entities✔
.NOM.CO   for individuals✔
.MX    for Mexico✔
.COM.MX    for commercial purposes✔
.TW   for Taiwan✔
.COM.TW   for commercial purposes✔
.ORG.TW  for organizations✔
.NZ    for New Zealand✔
.AC    for Ascension Island✔
.AG    for Antigua and Barbuda✔
.AM    for Armenia✔
.AT    for Austria✔
.BE    for Belgium✔
.BZ    for Belize✔
.CC    for Cocos(Keeling) Island✔
.CH    for Switzerland✔
.CX    for Christmas Island✔
.CZ    for Czeth Republic✔
.DE    for Germany✔
.FM    for Federated States of Micronesia✔
.GS    for South Georgia✔
.HN    for Honduras✔
.IO    for British Indian Ocean Territory✔
.JP    for Japan✔
.LA    for Laos✔
.LC    for Saint Lucia✔
.LI    for Liechtenstein✔
.ME    for Montenegro✔
.MN    for Mongolia✔
.MS    for Montserrat✔
.NL    for Netherlands✔
.NU    for Niue✔
.PL    for Poland✔
.SC    for Seychelles✔
.SG    for Singapore✔
.SH    for Saint Helena✔
.TK    for Tokelau✔
.TV    for Tuvalu✔
.VC    for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines✔
.WS    for Western Samoa✔
AR.COM    for Argentina✔
BR.COM   for Brazil✔
CN.COM   for China✔
DE.COM   for Germany✔
EU.COM    for European Union✔
GB.COM    for Great Britain✔
HU.COM    for Hungary✔
JPN.COM   for Japan✔
KR.COM    for Korea✔
NO.COM     for Norway✔
QC.COM    for Quebec✔
RU.COM  for Russia✔
SA.COM    for Saudi Arabia✔
SE.COM   for Sweden✔
SE.NET   for Sweden✔
UK.COM    for United Kingdom✔
US.COM   for United States✔
UY.COM   for Uruguay✔
ZA.COM   for South Africa✔

'A' Full Forms

abbr.  abbreviated, abbreviation✔
adj.  adjective✔
Advt.  Advertisement✔
amt.  amount✔
ans  answer✔
AA   Alcoholics Anonymous✔
AAF  The Advanced Authoring Format✔
AAA   Authentication Authorization, Account✔
AWB   An air waybill✔
ACC   Analog Control Channel✔
AMPS    Advanced Mobile Phone Service✔
APN    Access Point Name✔
AUC    Authentication Center✔
AAI    Airport Authority of India✔
ABG    Arterial Blood Gas✔
ABP    Ananda Bazaar Patrika News✔
ABM   Anti Balistic Missile✔
ABS    Anti-lock Braking System✔
ACD   Automatic Call Distributor✔
ACC   Associated Cement Companies✔
ACS   American Chemical Society✔
ACU   Asian Currency Union✔
AD  Active Directory, Anno Domini, Acknowledgement due✔
ASIA    American Sheep Industry Association✔
ASIA    Atx Software Integration Architecture✔
AFT    Automatic File Transfer✔
AQB     Average Quarterly Balance✔
ADB     Asian Development Bank✔
ADHD    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder✔
ADR    American Depository Receipt✔
AHRC    Asian Human Rights Commission✔
AIAAA   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics✔
AICTE    All India Council for Technical Education✔
AIR   All India Radio✔
Apr   April✔
AFMC   Armed Forces Medical College✔
AIDS    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome✔
AJAX    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML✔
ALS   Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis✔
AMC   Annual Maintenance Contract, American Motors Corporation✔
AMIE  Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers✔
AML  Acute Myeloid Leukemia✔
AMUL   Anand Milk Union Limited✔
AMW  Asian Motors Limited✔
ANM   Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery✔
API  Application Programming Interface✔
APJAbdul Kalam   Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam✔
APK   Android Application Package✔
ARMD  Age Related Macular Degeneration✔
ARDS   Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome✔
ARMY  Alert Regular Mobility Young✔
ASAP  As Soon As Possible✔
ASL  age, sex, and location✔
AAP  Aam Aadmi Party✔
ASAT  Anti-satellite weapons✔
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interchange✔
ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations✔
ASLV   Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle✔
ASP  Active Server Page✔
ASR   Automated Speech Recognition✔
ASTM   American Society for Testing and Materials✔
AT&T   American Telephone & Telegraph Company✔
ATM   Automated Teller Machine✔
ATP    Adenosine Triphosphate✔
ATS    Anti-Terrorism Squad✔
ASM    Application service management✔
AWACS  Airborne Warning and Control System✔
AYUSH   Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy✔
AM and PM AM: Anti Meridiem, PM: Post Meridiem✔
A2A  Ask to Answer✔
ACC  Actually✔
ACE   Excellent or Great✔
AFS   Always Forever and Seriously✔
AKA  Also Known As✔
AMA  Ask Me Anything✔
ASAIC  As Soon As I Can✔
ASAP  As Soon As Possible✔
AW  Anyway✔
ABC  American Broadcasting Company✔
AMD   Advance micro devices✔
AOL   American Online✔
APC American Power Conversion✔
APPLE    Asian Passenger Payload Experiment✔
AT & T    American Telephone and Telegraph Company✔
ATI    Array Technologies Incorporated✔
A&AS    Account & Audit Section✔
ABEDA   Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa✔
ACF    Auto Correlation Function.✔
ACLF    Additional Collateralised Lending Facility✔
ACS    Automated Clearing System.✔
AD    Authorized Dealer.✔
ADB    Asian Development Bank.✔
ADF     Automated Data Flow✔
ASA     Action for Social Advancement✔
AFA    Air Force Academy✔
Aug    August✔
ans    Answer✔
ADR     American Depository Receipt.✔
ADTV   Average Daily Trading Volume✔
AEPS      Aadhaar Enabled Payments Switch✔
AFS      Annual Financial Statement.✔
AGM     Annual General Meeting.✔
AIC      Agricultural Insurance Company.✔
AIDBs    All India Development Banks✔
AIF       Alternative Investment Fund✔
AIFIs      All India Financial Institutions✔
ALCO    Asset Liability Committee✔
ALM       Asset Liability Management✔
AMEX    American Express✔
AMFL    Association of Mutual Funds in India.✔
AML    Anti-Money Laundering✔
AMRMS        Audit and Risk Monitoring Mechanism✔
ANBC   Adjusted Net Bank Credit✔
ANSI      American National Standards Institute✔
APACS  Association of Payment and Clearing Services✔
APBS     Aadhaar Payment Bridge System✔
APSFC   Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation✔
ARC        Asset Reconstruction Companies✔
ARCIL    Asset Reconstruction Company of India Limited✔
ARCs      Asset Reconstruction Companies✔
ASBA     Applications Supported Bank Accounts✔
AAC      Advanced Audio Coding✔
ACP     Assistant Commissioner of Police✔
AISL    All India Service Liability✔
ACPI       Advanced Configuration And Power Interface✔
ALT      Alternate✔
AM/FM        Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation✔
AMR      Adaptive Multi-Rate✔
AP       Access Point✔
APM    Advanced Power Management✔
ARPANET Advanced Research Project Agency Network✔
ASP      Active Server Pages✔
AVI         Audio Video Interleave✔
A/C      Air Conditioning✔
A/F   Air Fuel Ratio✔
AAT    Ambient Air Temperature✔
ABS     Antilock Braking System✔
ACC    Automatic Climate Control or Adaptive Cruise Control✔
ACM    Airbag Control Module✔
ARAI    Automotive Research Association of India✔
ASG   Automatic Shift Gearbox✔
AWD   All Wheel Drive✔
AMS   Automated Manifest System✔
APL   Automatic Programming Language✔
ARPANET   Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (the beginning of the internet)✔
ASAP     Application Assessment And Planning package (Lotus migration application)✔
ASR    Automated Speech Recognition✔
AI    Artificial Intelligence✔
AJAX     Asynchronous JavaScript and XML✔
AP    Access Point✔
API      Application Programming Interface✔
APK     Android Application Package✔
APM      Advanced Power Management✔
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interchange✔
ATA   Advanced Technology Attachment✔
AVI   Audio Video Interleave✔
ACD    Automatic Call Distributor✔
AVI     Audio Video Interleave✔
AVP     Assistant Vice President✔
AICTE    All India Council for Technical Education✔
AMIE     Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers✔
ABP     Ananda Bazaar Patrika News✔
ABVP    Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad✔
AC      Alternating Current / Ashoka Chakra✔
ACC     Associated Cement Companies✔
AICTE   All India Council for Technical Education✔
AIDS    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome✔
AIIMS   All India Institute of Medical Sciences✔
APPLE   Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment✔
ATA     Air Time Authority / Allen Telescope Array✔
AVM     Additional Volatility Margin✔
ADSL    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line✔
AGP     Accelerated Graphics Port✔
ALI     Acer Labs, Incorporated✔
ALU     Arithmetic Logic Unit✔
ACER    Australian Council of Educational Research✔
APC     American Power Conversion✔
ASIC    Application Specific Integrated Circuit✔
ASPI    Advanced SCSI Programming Interface✔
AT      Advanced Technology✔
ATI     ATI Technologies Inc✔
ATX     Advanced Technology Extended✔
ADC     Analog Digital Converter✔
ALGOL   Algorithmic Language✔
AC      Alternating Current / Air Conditioner✔
ACPI    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface✔
ACT   Activity✔
AGP     Accelerated Graphics Port✔
AMR     Audio Modem Rise✔
APIPA   Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing✔
APM     Advanced Power Management✔
ARP     Address Resolution Protocol✔
ASR     Automated System Recovery✔
ATAP    Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface✔
ADS     Acquired Demyelinating Syndrome✔
AISI    Automotive Industry Simulation Internship✔
ARE  application for removal of excisable goods / Active Resistance Exercise✔
ARTS    Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server✔
ACT  American College Testing✔
Aus Australia✔
AOC   Admiral Overseas Corporation✔
AWS  Amazon Web Services✔

'B' Full Forms

BA    Bachelor of Arts✔
BAE    Before Anyone Else✔
BAMS    Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery✔
BARC     Bhaba Atomic Research Center✔
BASIC    Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code✔
BBA      Bachelor of Business Administration✔
BBC    British Broadcasting Corporation✔
BCA      Bachelor of Computer Applications✔
BCCI      Board of Control of Cricket in India✔
Bcc    blind carbon copy✔
b       born, bowled by, bye✔
bk      book, bank, bark✔
bldg    building✔
BO    Box Office✔
BOAC    British Overseas Airways Corporation✔
BDM     Business Development Manager✔
BCE    Before Common Era✔
BCG       Bacillus Calmette-Guerin✔
B.Com   Bachelor of Commerce✔
BDS        Bachelor of Dental Surgery✔
B.Ed    Bachelor of Education✔
BE     Bachelor of Engineering✔
BFSI     Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance✔
BHIM    Bharat Interface for Money✔
BHEL    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited✔
BJP     Bharatiya Janata Party✔
BIL     Basic Insulation Level✔
BHMS    Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery✔
BIFR       Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction✔
BIOS    Basic Input Output System✔
BIS     Bureau of Indian Standards✔
BKU       Bhartiya Kisan Union✔
BLOB     Binary Large Object✔
BM      Bachelor of Music✔
BS      Bharat Stage✔
BGM     Background Music✔
BIN     Bank Identification Number✔
BMD      Bone Mineral Density✔
BMI        Body Mass Index✔
BMR      Basal Metabolic Rate✔
BMS  Bachelor of Management Studies & Business Management System✔
BMT       Bone Marrow Transplant✔
BMW     Bayerische Motoren Werke✔
BOB   Bank of Baroda✔
BODMAS   Bracket, of, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction✔
BPL   Below Poverty Line & British Physical Laboratories Group✔
BPO    Business Process Outsourcing✔
BRB   Be Right Back✔
BRICS    Brazil Russia India China And South Africa✔
BRO Border Road Organization✔
BSC    Bachelor of Science, Base Station Controller✔
BSF    Border Security Force✔
B.Tech  Bachelor of Technology✔
BTS     Bangtan Sonyeondan✔
BKC     Bandra Kurla Complex✔
BUN    Blood Urea Nitrogen✔
B4     Before✔
BBL    Be Back Later✔
BBN   Be Back Never✔
BBS   Be Back Soon✔
BF     Boy Friend✔
BFF    Best Friend Forever✔
BEST    The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport✔
BOT   Back On Topic✔
BRB     Be Right Back✔
BTW    By the Way✔
BCCI    The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry✔
BenQ     Bringing Enjoyment N Quality✔
BHW   Bell & Howell Company✔
BACS    Bankers Automated Clearing System✔
BBR    Bank Base Rate✔
BCBS   Basel Committee on Banking Supervision✔
BCP   Branch Credit Plan✔
BCSBI    Banking Codes and Standards Board of India✔
BFS    Board of Financial Supervision✔
BIS     Bank for International Settlements.✔
BLBC   Block-Level Bankers Committee✔
BO   Banking Ombudsman✔
BOD   Board of Directors✔
BOE    Bill of Exchange✔
BOI     Bank of India.✔
BOP    Balance of Payments.✔
BOR     Bank of Rajasthan.✔
BOT     Build,Operate and Transfer.✔
BATA    British Air Transport Association✔
BATA    British American Tobacco Australia✔
BATA    Buy and Throw Away✔
BP   Blood Pressure✔
B.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy✔
BPC    Benefits Processing Corp✔
BPLR      Benchmark Prime Lending Rate✔
BR Act   Banking Regulations Act, 1949.✔
BSCS      Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.✔
BSE     Bombay Stock Exchange.✔
BSR      Basic Statistical Returns.✔
BAT     Batch✔
BMP    Bitmap✔
BRD   Blu-Ray Disc✔
BC    Billing Center✔
BCH    Broadcast Channel✔
BER   Bit Error Rate✔
BS   Base Station✔
BTS    Base Transceiver Station✔
BHP     Brake Horse Power✔
BMEP    Brake Mean Effective Pressure✔
BSFC      Brake Specific Fuel Consumption✔
BLOB     Binary Large Object✔
BOSS     Business Organizer Scheduling System (one of the original hand-held organizers)✔
B/L     Bill of Lading✔
BPCL    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited✔
BA    Bachelor of Arts✔
BE    Bachelor of Engineering✔
BHMS    Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery✔
BOLT    BSE On-Line Trading (System)✔
BOSS    Bharat Operating System Solutions✔
BRO     Border Road Organisation✔
BSF     Border Security Force✔
BSNL    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd✔
BNC     Barrel Nut Connector✔
BNC     Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Navel Connector✔
BRI     Basic Rate Interface✔
BTX     Balanced Technology Extended✔
BYE     be with you every time.✔
BROTHER Briliant Role Model Orthodox Teacher Horrible Enchanting Roommate✔
BRCC    Baton Rouge Community College✔
BANK    B: Borrowing A: Accepting N: Negotiating K: Keeping✔
B2B     business to business✔
B2C     business-to-consumer✔
BMC     The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation✔
BRM     Business relationship management, Bank Returned Mandates✔
BCFII   British Columbia Forestry Innovation Investment✔
BRN     Bank Reference Number✔

'C' Full Forms

CA    Chartered Accountant✔
CABG    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft✔
CAD    Computer Aided Design✔
CAG       Comptroller and Auditor General of India✔
CAIIB     Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers✔
CAGR    Compound Annual Growth Rate✔
CAT   Common Admission Test✔
CBC  Complete Blood Count✔
CBI    Central bureau of Investigation & Central Bank of India✔
CBSE    Central Board of Secondary Education✔
CC    Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy✔
CEN   Centralized Employment Notice✔
CE   Common Era✔
CBDT    The Central Board of Direct Taxes✔
CAP     Community-Acquired Pneumonia✔
C    Centigrade, Celsius✔
Cap Captain✔
cf   carried forward✔
ch   church✔
chap    chapter✔
CJ    Chief Justice✔
cm   centimetre(s)✔
Co    Company✔
col    column✔
ct    carat✔
Chq.  cheque✔
CCC    Course on Computer Concepts✔
CCIL    Clearing Corporation of India Limited✔
CCTV     Closed Circuit Television✔
CD  Compact Disc✔
CEO    Chief Executive Officer✔
CFA     Chartered Financial Analyst✔
CFL    Compact fluorescent lamp✔
CFT     Complement Fixation Test✔
CFO    Chief Financial Officer✔
CGI    Computer Generated Imagery✔
CGL   Combined Graduate Level✔
CGPA    Cumulative Grade Point Average✔
CHF   Congestive Heart Failure✔
CIA      Central Intelligence Agency✔
CIBIL   Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited✔
CIF     Customer Information File✔
CID   Crime Investigation Department✔
CII      Confederation of Indian Industry✔
CISF    Central Industrial Security Force✔
CMA   Credit Monitoring Analysis✔
CML   Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia✔
CMO   Chief Medical Officer✔
CMS    Content Management System✔
CMV  Cytomegalovirus✔
CNC    Computerized Numerical Control✔
CNG   Compressed Natural Gas✔
CL  Casual Leave✔
C2C   Consumer to consumer✔
CLG    Certified Local Government✔
COB   Close of Business✔
COBOL  Common Business Oriented Language✔
COO  Chief Operating Officer✔
COPD    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease✔
CPCB    Central Pollution Control Board✔
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPM   Cost per Mile✔
CPO   Central Police Organisation✔
CPR   Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation✔
CPT    Common Proficiency Test✔
CPU   Central Processing Unit✔
CRISIL   Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited✔
CRM   Customer Relationship Management✔
CRPF   Central Reserve Police Force✔
CRR    Cash Reserve Ratio✔
CRT    Cathode Ray Tube✔
CS    Company Secretary & Computer Science✔
CSE   Computer Science Engineering✔
CSIR    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research✔
CSR   Corporate Social Responsibility / Customer service representative✔
CSS   Cascading Style Sheet✔
CST   Central Sales Tax, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Central Standard Time✔
CTBT   Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty✔
CTC  Cost To Company✔
CTO   Chief Technology Officer✔
CTS   Cheque Truncation System & Clear to Send✔
CV   Curriculum Vitae✔
CVA  Cerebral Vascular Accident or Cerebrovascular Accident✔
COMPUTER Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research✔
CYL   Catch You Later✔
CFL   Compact fluorescent lamp✔
CASIO   From the name of its founder, Kashio Tadao✔
CISCO    Computer Information System Company.✔
CCNA    Cisco Certified Network Associate✔
CCNP    Cisco Certified Network Professional✔
CCNE    Cisco Certified Network Engineer✔
CT      Computed Tomography✔
COMOAQ    Compatibility and Quality✔
COREL   Cowpland Research Laboratory✔
CAAP     Capital Adequacy Assessment Process✔
CAD    Current Account Deficit✔
CAG       Controller and Auditor General.✔
CAMELS   Capital, Assets, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, and Systems and Control✔
CAR   Capital Adequacy Ratio✔
CARE     Credit Analysis and Research Limited✔
CASA     Current and Savings Accounts✔
CB    Canara Bank.✔
CBI    Common Bank of India✔
CBLO     Collateralized Bank Lending Obligations✔
CBS    Core Banking Solution.✔
CBT     Computer-Based Terminal✔
CC   Cash Credit✔
CCB    Central Co-operative Bank✔
CCIL    Clearing Corporation of India Limited✔
CCL    Cash Credit Limit✔
CD    Certificate of Deposit✔
CD Ratio   Credit Deposit Ratio✔
CDB   Caribbean Development Bank.✔
CDBS     Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics.✔
CDR    Corporate Debt Restructuring✔
CDS   Credit Default Swap.✔
CED   Centre For Entrepreneurship Development✔
CEPA     Comprehensive Economic Partnership Management.✔
CFMS    Centralised Funds Management System✔
CFRA     Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts.✔
CFS         Committee on The Financial System✔
CFS     Container Freight Station✔
COB     Clean On Board✔
CGRA    Currency and Gold Revaluation Account.✔
CHAPS  Clearing House Automated Payment System✔
CIBIL      Credit Information Bureau of India Limited✔
CLB         Company Law Board✔
CLF         Collateralised Lending Facility✔
CMA      Collateral Management Agreement✔
CMIS     Currency Management Information System✔
CMP      Current Market Price✔
CNP   Card Not Present✔
COB  Corporation Bank.✔
CP    Colombo Plan.✔
CPFF      Commercial Paper Funding Facility✔
CPI    Consumer Price Index.✔
CPs   Commercial Papers✔
CRAR     Capital To Risk Weighted Asset Ratio.✔
CRILC     Central Repository of Information on Large Credits✔
CRISIL    Credit Rating Information Services Of India Limited✔
CRM      Customer Relationship Management✔
CRMD   Credit Risk Management Department.✔
CRR   Cash Reserve Ratio.✔
CSGLA   Constituent’s Subsidiary General Ledger Account✔
CSR    corporate social responsibility✔
CTI     Country Threat Index.✔
CUB   City Union Bank✔
CRE   Commercial Real Estate✔
CDSL    Central Depository Services (India) Ltd✔
CGS     centimetre–gram–second✔
CGHS    The Central Government Health Scheme✔
CM      Chief Minister, Centimeter, Common Market✔
CCR  Centre for Chaotic Repeatability, Condition Code Register, Continuous complete remission, Configuration Change Request✔
CCD  Charged Coupled Device✔
CHD     congenital heart defect, congenital heart disease✔
CHQ     Child Health Questionnaire✔
CHV     Creativity Humanity And Vitality✔
CME     Continuing Medical Education✔
CDMA   Code Division Multiple Access✔
CEO     Chief Executive Officer✔
CMD   Command✔
CMYK    Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – Key✔
COM    Component Object Model✔
CONFIG  Configuration✔
CSS     Cascading Style Sheets✔
CTRL  Control✔
c/o    Care Of✔
CBR        Constant Bit Rate✔
CDG       CDMA Development Group✔
CDR     Call Detail Record✔
CN    Core Network✔
CNN   Cable News Network✔
C.I ENGINE    Compression Ignition Engine✔
CC     Cubic Capacity✔
CCVTI    Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition✔
CDI     Capacitor Discharge Ignition✔
CRDE    Common Rail Diesel Engine✔
CRDI    Common Rail Direct Injection✔
CVT   Continuous Variable Transmission✔
CVTI   Charged motion Variable Time Ignition✔
CIN   Corporate Identity Number✔
CD-ROM    Compact Disk – Read Only Memory✔
CSS  Cascading Style Sheet✔
CDFS      Compact Disc File System✔
CD-RW  Compact Disc-Rewritable✔
CR  Central Railway✔
CMC    Computer Maintenance Corporation✔
CAG     Comptroller and Auditor General of India✔
COB   Close of Business✔
CRR   Cash Reserve Ratio✔
CST  Central Sales Tax, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Central Standard Time✔
CTS      Cheque Truncation System✔
CGPA    Cumulative Grade Point Average✔
CPT    Common Proficiency Test✔
CS    Company Secretary✔
CSE    Computer Science and Engineering✔
CAA  Citizenship (Amendment) Act✔
CAB  Citizenship Amendment Bill✔
CABE    Central Advisory Board of Education✔
CAT  Common Admission Test✔
CBC Complete Blood Count✔
CBI    Central bureau of Investigation & Central Bank of India✔
CFL  Compact fluorescent lamp✔
CIB    Corporate Internet Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking✔
C.A.R.E Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere✔
CIA  Central Intelligence Agency✔
CIBIL   Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd✔
CISF    Central Industrial Security Force✔
CMO    Chief Medical Officer✔
COD  Central Ordnance Depot / Cash On Delivery / Change of Destination✔
CRM     Customer Relationship Management✔
CTC    Cost To Company✔
CAS    Column Address Signal✔
CODE    Client Server Open Development Environment✔
CDR    Compact Disk Recorder✔
CDRW   Compact Disk ReWriter✔
CFM    Cubic Feet per Minute✔
CMOS    Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor✔
CAD   Computer Aided Design✔
CAM     Computer Aided Manufacturing✔
CU  Control Unit✔
CCD     Charged Coupled Device✔
CDFS    Compact Disc File System✔
CNR     Communication Network Riser✔
CRIMM   Continuity-Rambus Inline Memory Module✔
CNMG    Caribbean New Media Group✔
CPC     Central processing centre / Cost Per Click✔
CEPT    Center for Environmental Planning and Technology✔
CIVIL   construction investigation various information levelling✔
CO  Commanding officer/Central Office Command Output Convert Out/Capital Outlay✔
CLASS   Custom Local-Area Signaling Services/Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services/Client Access to Systems and Services✔
CDPO    Child Development Project Officer✔
CHEMISTRY Carbon Hydrogen Metals Elements Sorting Testing Reacting Yielding✔
CNMG    Caribbean New Media Group✔
CSA     Canadian Standards Association✔
CSA     Customer Service Associate✔
CCSA    Check Point Certified Security Administrator✔
CCIE    Cisco Certified Internet-work Expert✔
CWNA    Certified Wireless Network Administrator✔
CC      Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter / Carbon Copy✔
CG      Computer Graphics✔
CVV     Card verification value✔
CVC     card verification code✔
CSC     card security code✔
CY      Container Yard✔
CBM     cubic meter✔
CMA CGM Compagnie Maritime d'Affrètement Compagnie Générale Maritime✔
CGM     Chief General Manager✔
CRN     Course Reference Number✔
CSD     Canteen Stores Department✔
CSW     Commission on the Status of Women✔
CVS     Cardio Vascular System✔
CVS     Complex Vision Syndrome ✔

'D' Full Forms

DA      Dearness Allowance✔
D.Phil  Doctor of Philosophy✔
D.Litt  Doctor of Letters✔
D.Sc    Doctor of Science✔
D.Pharm Diploma in Pharmacy✔
DC    Data Compression & Direct Current✔
DCA   Diploma in Computer Application✔
DCB      Development Credit Bank✔
DDT        DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane
DEAF     Depositor Education and Awareness Fund✔
DHL        Dalsey Hillblom Lynn✔
DIG        Deputy Inspector General✔
DIY    Do it Yourself✔
DJ     Disc Jockey✔
DJD     Degenerative Joint Disease✔
DHCP     Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol✔
DHT   Dihydrotestosterone✔
DLF     Delhi Land and Finance✔
DNA   Deoxyribonucleic Acid✔
DNB  Diplomate of National Board✔
DNS   Domain Name System✔
DPI    Dots Per Inch✔
DRDO    Defence Research and Development Organization✔
DSC     Digital Signature Certificate✔
DSL   Digital Subscriber Line✔
DSLR    Digital single-lens reflex✔
DSIR    The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research✔
D   dollar, Roman 500✔
d    daughter, delete, died✔
deg.   degree(s)✔
dict.   dictionary✔
DLO  Dead Letter Office✔
Dr     debtor, doctor✔
dbl  double✔
DSP    Deputy Superintendent of Police✔
DST     Department of Science & Technology✔
DTP    Desk-Top Publishing, Distributed Transaction Processing✔
DVC   Damodar Valley Corporation✔
DVD    Digital Video Disc, Digital Versatile Disc✔
DVT  Deep Vein Thrombosis✔
DP     Display Picture & Data Processing✔
DS Group   Dharampal Satyapal Group✔
DM     Direct Message✔
DB   Dena Bank.✔
DCCB     District Central Cooperative Banks✔
DCP   District Credit Plan✔
DD  Demand Draft✔
DDM   District Development Manager✔
DFI    Development Financial Institutions✔
DFID    Department For International Development✔
DICGC   Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation✔
DIR  Differential Interest Rate✔
Dir  Director✔
DNPD    Derivatives and New Products Departments✔
DPG   Deferred Payment Guarantee✔
DPN   Demand Promissory Note✔
DPs   Depository Participants✔
dz  dozen✔
DR!  Beneficiaries of Differential Interest Rate✔
DRAT   Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal✔
DRI     Differential Rate Of Interest✔
DRT    Debt Recovery Tribunals✔
DSCR   Debt Service Coverage Ratio✔
DTAA    Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.✔
DAP    Download Accelerator Plus✔
DAT  Digital Audio Tape✔
DAP     Diammonium phosphate✔
DOJ     Department Of Justice, Date of Joining✔
DGT     Directorate General of Training✔
DELL    Digital Electronic Link Library✔
DELL    Development of Early Language Learning (UK)✔
DEO     Data Entry OperatorA District Educational Officer✔
DB  Database✔
DEL   Delete✔
DL    Download✔
DMCA   Digital Millennium Copyright  Act✔
DNS   Domain Name System✔
DOC    Document (Microsoft Corporation)✔
DOS    Disk Operating System✔
DVX    Divx Video✔
D/R   Distance to Reuse Ratio✔
DAMPS Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service✔
DCC   Digital Color Code✔
DTA     Data Transfer Adapter✔
DTC    Digital Traffic Channel✔
DDIS      Direct Diesel Injection System✔
DFI   Digital Fuel Injection✔
DGS     Direct Shift Gearbox✔
DICOR   Direct Injection Common Rail✔
DOHC    Double Overhead Camshaft✔
DTS-FI   Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection✔
DTS-i   Digital Twin Spark Ignition✔
DTS-Si   Digital Twin Spark Swirl Induction✔
DSL    Digital Subscriber Line✔
DTP    Desk-Top Publishing & Distributed Transaction Processing✔
DOC  Document✔
DSP    Deputy Superintendent of Police✔
DDR     Double Data Rate✔
DFI     Design For Innovation✔
DIMM    Dual Inline Memory Module✔
DRAM    Dynamic Random Access Memory✔
DAC     Digital Analog Converter✔
DBMS    Database Management System✔
DCL     Digital Command Language✔
DFD     Data Flow Diagram✔
DRDO    The Defence Research And Development✔
DVI     Digital Visual Interface✔
DVD-RW  Digital Video Disc-Rewritable✔
DVD-R   Digital Video Disc-Recordable✔
DPMS    Display Power Management Signaling✔
DMA     Direct Memory Access✔
DLP     Digital Light Processing✔
DLT     Digital Linear Tape✔
DIP     Dual Inline Package✔
DIN     Deutsche Industrie Norm✔
DIMM    Dual Inline Memory Module✔
DFS     Distributed File System✔
DDOS    Distributed Denial Of Service✔
DDP     Delivered Duty Paid✔
DCI     Defence for Children International✔
DIS     Draft International Standard✔
DIS     Defense Investigative Service✔
DAC     Discretionary Access Control✔
Dec  December✔
DECT    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications✔
DAF     Detailed Application Form✔
DELED   Diploma in Elementary Education✔
DDC  District Development Commissioner, Digital Data Channel,Display Data Channel✔
DPRO    Department of Information & Public Relations✔
D&D     Dungeons and Dragons✔
D&D     Detention and Demurrage✔
DND     Do Not Disturb✔
DST  Department of Science & Technology✔

'E' Full Forms

EBRT   External Beam Radiation Therapy✔
EBV    Epstein - Barr virus✔
ECC     Excise Control Code✔
ECE   Electronic and Communication Engineering✔
ECG    Electrocardiogram✔
ECR    Emigration Check Required✔
ECT    Electroconvulsive Therapy✔
ED     Enforcement Directorate✔
EDGE    Enhanced Data Rates for GSM (Global System for Mobile) Evolution✔
EDI    Electronic Data Interchange✔
EDP   Electronic Data Processing✔
EEE     Electrical and Electronics Engineering✔
EEG    Electroencephalogram✔
EJB    Enterprise Java Bean✔
ELSS       Equity-linked Saving Scheme✔
EMG   Electromyogram✔
EMI    Equated Monthly Installment✔
ENT   Ear Nose Throat✔
EOD   End of the Day✔
ERA Electrical Replaceable Assembly✔
EPIC   Electoral Photo Identity Card✔
E  east, English✔
Engr. engineer✔
Ed.  editor✔
eg  exempli gratia (for example)✔
encl  enclosed✔
EPC  Engineering, Procurement and Construction✔
ERNET   Education and Research Network✔
EPFO     Employee Provident Fund Organization✔
ERP   Enterprise Resource Planning✔
ESI    Employee's State Insurance✔
ESIC  Employees State Insurance Corporation✔
ETA   Estimated Time of Arrival✔
ETC  Et cetera✔
EWS   Economically Weaker Section✔
EA  Electronic Arts✔
ED   Enforcement Directorate✔
EADB    East African Development Bank.✔
EBRD     European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.✔
ECB    External Commercial Borrowings.✔
ECD   European Central Bank✔
ECS    Electronic Clearing System.✔
EDF    Export Development Fund✔
EDP   Entrepreneurship Development Programme✔
EEFC    Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency✔
EFT   Electronic Funds Transfer✔
EFTPOS  Electronic Funds Transfer At Point Of Sale✔
EIB    European Investment Bank.✔
ELSS    Equity Linked Saving Scheme.✔
EPOS     Electronic Point Of Sale✔
EPS   Earning per Share✔
ESOP     Employee Stock Options✔
EOB     Explanation of Benefits✔
ERS     Electronic Reservation Slip✔
ETFs    Exchange Traded Funds✔
EXIM     Export Import Bank of India.✔
EB   Exa Byte✔
E-MAIL Electronic Mail✔
ESC   Escape✔
EIR   Equipment Identity Register✔
ESMR   Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio✔
ETACS   Extended TACS✔
ETDMA Extended Time Division Multiple Access✔
EBD     Electronic Brakeforce Distribution✔
EC ENGINE External Combustion Engine✔
EGR  Exhaust Gas Recirculation✔
ESC   Electronic Stability Control✔
EVRV   Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve✔
ECS  Enhanced Chip Set✔
EDP  Electronic Data Processing✔
EEPROM   Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory✔
ENIAC   Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator✔
EB   Exa Byte✔
EJB  Enterprise Java Bean✔
ESC  Escape✔
EOD   End of the Day✔
ECG    Electrocardiogram✔
EOD    End of the Day✔
ESPN   Entertainment and Sports Programming Network✔
ECC  Error Correction Code✔
ECS   Elitegroup Computer Systems✔
EDO  Extended Data Out✔
EEPROM  Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory✔
EPROM   Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory✔
EVGA    Evga Corporation✔
ECOMMERCE Electronic Commerce✔
EBCDIC  Extended Binary Code Decimal Intercha✔
EDP     Electronic Data Processing✔
EDSAC   Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator✔
ENIAC   Electronic Numerical Integratec And Computer✔
EVDO    Evolution Data Optimized Or Evolution Data Only✔
EVGA    Extended Video Graphics Adapter/Array✔
ESDI    Enhanced Small Device Interface✔
ESD     Electrostatic Discharge✔
ERD     Emergency Repair Disk✔
EPP     Enhanced Parallel Port✔
EMP     Electromagnetic Pulse✔
EDTA    Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid✔
EMI     Electromagnetic Interference✔
EISA    Extended Industry Standard Architecture✔
EIDE    Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics✔
EFS     Encrypting File System✔
ECP     Extended Capabilities Port✔
ECCE    Early Childhood Care Education✔
ETSI    European Telecommunications Standards Institute✔
E-CASH  Electronic Cash✔
E-MONEY Electronic Money✔
ENG     Electronystagmography✔
Eng     England✔
EPABX   Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange✔
EDC     An electronic data capture✔
ECMA    European Cigar Manufacturers Association✔

'F' Full Forms

FATCA   Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act✔
FBI   Federal Bureau of Investigation✔
FCCB     Foreign Currency Convertible Bond✔
FCI   Food Corporation of India✔
FDI   Foreign Direct Investment✔
FD   Fixed Deposit✔
FEMA    Foreign Exchange Management Act✔
FHR    Fetal Heart Rate✔
FICCI    Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry✔
FIFA    Federation Internationale de Football Association✔
FIR   First Information Report✔
FMC      Food Machinery Corporation✔
FMCG   Fast-Moving Consumer Goods✔
FM         Frequency Modulation, Field Marshal✔
ENIAC   Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer✔
FOB  Free on Board✔
f.  following✔
fam  family✔
FOMO   Fear of Missing Out✔
F.O.R     Freight on Road✔
FORTRAN     FORmula TRANslation✔
FSSAI     Food Safety and Standards Authority of India✔
FTP   File Transfer Protocol✔
FYI  For Your Information✔
FPR   Final Performance Review✔
FPR    Flight Performance Reserve✔
FHT  Family Health Teams✔
FTC  Federal Trade Commission✔
FTD  For The Date✔
FAQ       Frequently asked Questions✔
f.o.r   free on rail✔
F.Y   First Year, Financial Year or Fiscal Year✔
FCP  Final Cut Pro✔
FMPS    Fixed Maturity Plans✔
F   Fahrenheit✔
f    female, folio, foot, feet, frequency✔
fcp   foolscap✔
Feb   February✔
fig    figure✔
Fr   Father, French, France✔
Fri   Friday✔
FIAT     Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino✔
FATF   FERA Financial Action Task Force✔
FCA   Foreign Currency Assets.✔
FCCB    Foreign Currency Convertible Bond✔
FCD    Fully Convertible Debentures✔
FCNR     Foreign Currency Non Resident Deposit Accounts✔
FCNRA  Foreign Currency Non resident Account.✔
FD   Fixed Deposit✔
FDI    Fixed Deposit Income✔
FEDAI    Foreign Exchange Dealers Association Of India✔
FERA   Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.✔
FFA   Federal Financial Assistance✔
FFB    Federal Financing Bank✔
FICCI   Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.✔
FII   Foreign Institutional Investor.✔
FIMMDA   Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India✔
FINO   Financial Information Network and Operation Limited✔
FIPB    Foreign Investment Promotion Board.✔
FIFO   first in first out✔
Fls    Financial Institutions✔
FOB   Free On Board✔
FCL   full container load✔
FPI     Foreign Portfolio Investment.✔
FRB   Federal Reserve Bank✔
FRNs   Floating Rate Notes✔
FRO  Foreigners Registration officer✔
FRRO     Foreigners Regional Registration officer✔
FSRASC   Financial Sector Regulatory Appointment Search Committee✔
FSS    Financial Software Systems✔
FTA   Free Trade Agreement.✔
FAQ     Frequently Asked Questions✔
FAK    Freight All Kinds✔
FAT   File Allocation Table✔
FDD   Frequency Division Duplex✔
FDM      Frequency Division Multiplexing✔
FDMA   Frequency Division Multiple Access✔
FSK     Frequency Shift Keying✔
FTMD    Full Track Music Download✔
FGT        Fixed Geometry Turbocharger✔
FHP     Frictional Horse Power✔
FWD     Front Wheel Drive✔
FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions ✔
FCI    Flux Changes per Inch✔
FT    Full Time, Feat✔
FN    Function✔
FAX    Facsimile✔
EBA    Euro Banking Association✔
FIFA    Federation Internationale de Football Association✔
FIR     First Information Report✔
FC-PGA  Flip Chip Pin Grid Array✔
FDC     Floppy Disk Controller✔
FDD     Floppy Disk Drive✔
FPS     Frame Per Second✔
FPU     Floating Point Unit✔
FSAA    Full Screen Anti Aliasing✔
FS   For Sale✔
FSB     Front Side Bus✔
FORTRAN Formula Translation✔
FAT     File Allocation Table✔
FAT12   12-Bit File Allocation Table✔
FAT16   16-Bit File Allocation Table✔
FAT32   32-Bit File Allocation Table✔
FDD     Floppy Disk Drive✔
FERPA   Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act✔
Fn    Function ✔
FAU-G Fearless and United Guards
FPM     Fast Page-Mode✔
FRU     Field Replaceable Unit✔
FQDN    Fully Qualified Domain Name✔
FATHER  Friendly Achiever Trustworth Heroic Exceptional Really a great person✔
FRIEND  first relation in earth which never die✔
FMS     Foreign Military Sales✔
FMS     Fleet Management System✔
FEU     A forty-foot equivalent unit✔

'G' Full Forms

GAIL    Gas Authority of India Limited✔
GATE     Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering✔
GBP    Great Britain Pound✔
GCC  GNU Compiler Collection✔
GDP   Gross Domestic Product✔
GFR   Glomerular Filtration Rate✔
GIF    Graphics Interchange Format✔
GIS    Geographic Information System✔
GMO     Genetically Modified Organism✔
GMT   Greenwich Mean Time✔
GNM     General Nursing and Midwifery✔
GPA   Grade Point Average✔
GPO  General Post Office✔
GPRS    General Packet Radio Service✔
GPS    Global Positioning System✔
GRE    Graduate Record Examination✔
GSLV    Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle✔
GSM     Global System for Mobile communication✔
GST   Goods and Service Tax✔
GTT  Glucose Tolerance Test✔
GUI   Graphical USer Interface✔
GOOGLE  Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth✔
GE   Good Evening✔
GF    Girlfriend✔
GB    GigaByte✔
GM    Good Morning✔
GN   Good Night✔
GA  Good Afternoon✔
Gen  General✔
gen   gender✔
Gr   Greek✔
GSFC   Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited✔
GE    General Electronics.✔
GAAR    General Anti Avoidance Rule.✔
GDCF     Gross Domestic Capital Formation✔
GDP   Gross Domestic Product✔
GDR   Global Depository Receipt.✔
GFD  Gross Fiscal Deficit.✔
GIPSA   General Insurance Public Sector Association✔
GIRO   Government Internal Revenue Order.✔
GlC    General Insurance Corporation of India✔
GMS      Gold Monetisation Scheme✔
GSS     Genome Survey Sequences✔
GSTN     Goods and Services Network✔
GSTPA  Global Straight Through Processing Association✔
GB    Giga Byte✔
GiB   Gibi Byte✔
GIF   Graphics Interchange Format✔
GPEDIT Group Policy Editor✔
GG  Good Game✔
GGSN    Gateway GPRS Support Node✔
GMSK   Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying✔
GPF     General Provident Fund✔
GIA     The Gemological Institute of America✔
g   gram✔
GSN    GPRS Support Node✔
GDI    Gasoline Direct Injection✔
GVW   Gross Vehicle Weight✔
GIF     Graphics Interchange Format✔
GB    Giga Byte✔
Google PR Google Page Rank✔
GBps    Gigabytes Per Second Or Gigabits Per Second✔
GDI     Graphical Device Interface✔
GHz     Gigahertz✔
GPSC    Gujarat Public Service Commission✔
GET     Graduate Engineer Trainee✔
GRE     Graduate Record exam✔
GMAT    The Graduate Management Admission Test✔
GK    General Knowledge✔
GOI   Government of India✔
Gov    Governor✔
gov(t)  government✔
grad    graduate✔

'H' Full Forms

HCL    Hindustan Computers Limited✔
HDI   Human Development Index✔
HDFC    Housing Development Finance Corporation✔
HDMI    High Definition Multimedia Interface✔
HIV    Human Immunodeficiency Virus✔
HP   Hewlett-Packard✔
HR   Human Resources✔
HSBC  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation✔
HSC    Higher Secondary Certificate & Higher Secondary School Certificate✔
HSN   Harmonized System of Nomenclature✔
HTC    High Tech Computer✔
HTML    Hyper Text Markup Language✔
HTTP    Hyper Text Transfer protocol✔
HUDCO   Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited✔
HVAC    Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning✔
HVDC    High Voltage Direct Current Transmission✔
HHOJ     Ha Ha, Only Joking✔
HHOK    Ha Ha, Only Kidding✔
HHVF    Ha Ha, Very Funny✔
HMT    Hindustan Machine Tools✔
HONDA    From the name of its founder, Soichiro Honda.✔
H   Hydrogen✔
h., hr. hour✔
Hon     Honorable✔
HMO   Health Maintenance Organization✔
HSBC  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation✔
HTC   High Tech Computer✔
HD    High Definition✔
HFCs   Housing Finance Companies✔
HPFC   Himachal Pradesh Financial Corporation✔
H/W  Hardware✔
HQ   headquarters✔
HR Human Resource
HRO     Human Resource Outsourcing✔
HRD     Human Resource Development✔
HRM    Human resource management✔
HH    Hard of hearing✔
HCPCS   The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System✔
h  height✔
HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access✔
HTTPS   Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure✔
HLR    Home Location Register✔
HCV   Heavy Commercial Vehicle✔
HP  Horse Power✔
HVAC    Heating ventilating and Air Conditioning✔
HCL   Hardware Compatibility List ✔
HVAC    Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning✔
HTC   High Tech Computer✔
HBL   Habib Bank Limited✔
HBL    A House Bill of Lading✔
HSC   Higher Secondary Certificate & Higher Secondary School Certificate✔
HRA  House Rent Allowance✔
HDTV    High Definition Television✔
HTC    High Tech Computer✔
HDD   Hard Disk Drive✔
HIS   Hightech Information System Limited✔
HP    Hewlett-Packard Development Company / Hindustan Pertolium✔
HSF     Heatsink Fan✔
HAL     Hardware Abstraction Layer✔
HPFS    High Performance File System✔
HO      Head Office, Hydrogen-Oxygen✔
HOME    Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders✔
HOME    Help Our Mother Earth✔
HSLC    High School Leaving Certificate✔
HREF    Hypertext Reference✔
HRBC    Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners✔
HS Code Harmonized System Code✔
HOSP    Home Of Sick People Including Treatment And Labour✔
HOD     Head Of Department✔
HMM     Hidden Markov Model✔
HMM     Hyundai Merchant Marine✔
HCM     Human capital management✔

'I' Full Forms

IAS  Indian Administrative Service✔
IATA   International Air Transport Association✔
IB   Intelligence Bureau✔
IBM     International Business Machines✔
IBPS     Institute of Banking Personnel Selection✔
IC   Integrated Circuit✔
ICAR     Indian Council of Agricultural Research✔
ICD     An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator✔
INF     Interface, Interference, Infinity✔
I   Island✔
IA  Indian Airlines✔
i/c   in charge✔
in   inch(es)✔
i.e   that is to says✔
incl   including✔
inf   infra✔
info   information✔
ital   italic✔
IG   Inspector General✔
inst   instant✔
int    interest, interior, interpreter✔
intro   introduction✔
inv    invoice✔
ICDS     Integrated Child Development Services✔
ICMR    Indian Council of Medical Research✔
ICRA    Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency✔
ICSE    Indian Certificate of Secondary Education✔
ICT     Information and Communications Technology✔
ICU   Intensive Care Unit✔
ICWA   Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India, Indian Child Welfare Act✔
IDBI    Industrial Development Bank of India✔
IDE    Integrated Development Environment & Integrated Drive Electronics✔
IDFC    Infrastructure Development Finance Company✔
IEC    International Electrotechnical Commission✔
IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers✔
IELTS    International English Language Testing System✔
IFFCO    Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited✔
IFS    Indian Foreign Service✔
IFSC    Indian Financial System Code✔
IGST       Integrated Goods and Services Tax✔
IIFL   India Infoline Finance Limited✔
IIT     Indian Institute of Technology✔
IKR    I know, Right?✔
IL&FS    Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services✔
IMA    Indian Military Academy & Indian Medical Association✔
IMAO   In My Arrogant Opinion✔
IMDb    Internet Movie Database✔
IMEI      International Mobile Equipment Identity✔
IMO   In My Opinion & International Maritime Organization✔
INDIA    No, but can be termed as Independent National Democratic Intelligent Area✔
INR    Indian Rupee✔
INS    Indian Navy Ship✔
INTERNET Interconnected Network✔
IOC   International Olympic Committee✔
iOS   iPhone Operating System✔
ID   identification, identity✔
IJP     Internal Job Posting✔
IPD     Interactive Pager Backup✔
IPCC    Integrated Professional Competence Course✔
IP   Internet Protocol✔
IPI    International Press Institute✔
IPL     Indian Premier League✔
IPO    Initial Public Offering✔
IPS   Indian Police Service, In-Plane Switching, Intrusion Prevention System✔
IQ    Intelligence Quotient✔
IDP     International Development Program✔
IRCTC    Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation✔
IRDA   Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority & Infrared DATA Association✔
IRDP    Integrated Rural Development Programme✔
IRS    Indian Revenue Service✔
ISC    Indian School Certificate✔
ISD     International Subscriber Dialing✔
ISI   Indian Standards Institute✔
ISKCON International Society for Krishna Consciousness✔
ISO    International Organization for Standardization✔
ISP    Internet Service Provider✔
ISRO    Indian Space Research Organization✔
IT     Information Technology & Income Tax✔
ITC  Indian Tobacco Company, International Trade Center, Independent Telephone Company✔
ITES    Information Technology Enabled Services✔
ITIL    Information Technology Infrastructure Library✔
ITP    Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura✔
ITI    Industrial Training Institute✔
IUCN  International Union for Conservation of Nature✔
IVF  IN Vitro Fertilization✔
IVR     Interactive Voice Response✔
IB    I’m Back✔
ICYMI    In Case You Missed It✔
IHS   I Hope So✔
IIL    I’m in Love✔
IK     I Know✔
IHQ  Industrial Hygiene Qualitative✔
IMDB   Internet Movie Data Base✔
INFOSYS  Information System.✔
INTEL   Integrated Electronics.✔
IADB   Inter American Development Bank.✔
IAS    Integrated Accounting Systems✔
IBA  Indian Bank Association✔
IBBI   Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India✔
IBPS  Institute of Banking Personnel Selection.✔
IBRD  International Bank for Reconstruction and Development✔
IBS   International Banking Statistics✔
IBU  International Banking Unit✔
ICA  Indian Council of Agricultural Research.✔
ICAO   International Civil Aviation Organisation✔
ICC  Integrated Circuit Card✔
ICICI    Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India.✔
ICRA  Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited✔
IDB    Islamic Development Bank.✔
IDR     Indian Depository Receipts.✔
IDRBT    Institute for Development and Research Of Banking✔
IEPF    Investors Education and Protection Fund✔
IFC    International Finance Corporation✔
IIB      International Investment Bank.✔
IIBF    Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.✔
IIBI     Industrial Investment Bank of India✔
IIBM      Indian Institute of Bank Management✔
IIFCL    India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited✔
IIFT    Indian Institute of Foreign Trade✔
IIP     Index of Industrial Production✔
IMD    India Millennium Deposits.✔
IMF   International Monetary Fund.✔
Imp  Important✔
IST    Indian Standard Time✔
IE     Internet Explorer✔
IIJT    Indian Institute of Job-oriented Training✔
IIHT    Indian Institute of Hardware Technology✔
IAFA    International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts✔
INB   The Indian National Bibliography✔
IMS    An Integrated Management System✔
IMPS   Immediate Payment Service✔
IMT    Instant Money Transfer✔
INFINET  Indian Financial Network✔
IOB     Indian Overseas Bank.✔
IP    Internet Provider✔
IPO   Initial Public Offer✔
IPPB    India Post Payments Bank✔
IPSS    Integrated Payment and Settlement System✔
IRCIL   Industrial Reconstruction Corporation of India Limited✔
IRBI     Industrial Reconstruction Bank Of India.✔
IRDP     Integrated Rural Development Programme✔
IRE    Internal Rating Based✔
IROs   Interest rate options✔
IRR   Internal Rate Of Return.✔
ISCI    International Standard Industrial Classification✔
ISIN    International Securities Identification Number✔
IVP   Indira Vikas Patra✔
IC    Integrated Circuit✔
IDM    Internet Download Manager✔
INFO   Information✔
Ins   Insert✔
INTEL   Integrated Electronics✔
IP     Internet Protocol✔
IPV5  Internet Protocol Version 5✔
IPV6   Internet Protocol Version 6✔
IT    Information Technology✔
IC    Interchange Carrier✔
ISD   International Subscriber Dialing✔
ITC  Indian Tobacco Company, International Trade Center, Independent Telephone Company✔
I.C. Engine Internal Combustion Engine✔
IHP    Indicated Horse Power✔
IMEP   Indicated Mean Effective Pressure✔
ISFC    Indicated Specific Fuel Consumption✔
ID   Internal Device✔
IDE   Integrated Development Environment & Integrated Drive Electronics✔
INS   InterNet communication Settings✔
INTERNET Interconnected Network✔
IPC   Inter-Processes Communications✔
IPS   Indian Police Service, In-Plane Switching & Intrusion Prevention System✔
ISD    International Subscriber Dialing✔
IT  Information Technology✔
ICT   Information and Communications Technology✔
INFO  Information✔
ITES   Information Technology Enabled Services✔
IT     Information Technology / Income Tax✔
IAS   Indian Administrative Service✔
ICSE   Indian Certificate of Secondary Education✔
ISC  Indian School Certificate✔
IAS   Indian Administrative Service✔
ICT  Information and Communications Technology✔
ICU    Intensive Care Unit✔
IFFCO   Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited✔
INR   Indian Rupee✔
IPCC    Integrated Professional Competence Course✔
IPL   Indian Premier League✔
IPS   Indian Police Service✔
IRCTC   Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation✔
ISI    Indian Standards Institute✔
ISRO    Indian Space Research Organization✔
ITC   Indian Tobacco Company✔
ITI     Industrial Training Institute✔
IDE   Integrated Drive Electronics✔
IFS  Item For Sale✔
IRQ  Interrupt Request✔
ISA   Industry Standard Architecture✔
ISDN    Integrated Service Digital Network✔
IT   Information Technology✔
I/O  Input/Output✔
ICMP    Internet Control Message Protocol✔
ICS     Internet Connection Sharing✔
ICR     Intelligent Character Recognition✔
IDE     Integrated Drive Electronics✔
IIS     Internet Information Services✔
IMAP    Internet Mail Access Protocol✔
IPCONFIG Internet Protocol Configuration✔
IPP     Internet Printing Protocol✔
IPSEC   Internet Protocol Security✔
IPX/SPX Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange✔
IR   Infrared✔
IRQ     Interrupt Request✔
ISA     Industry Standard Architecture✔
ISP     Internet Service Provider✔
ITES    Information Technology Enabled Services✔
INGO    International Non-governmental Organizations✔
ICSID   International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes✔
IDRA    International Disaster Recovery Association✔
INSAS   Indian Small Arms System✔
INSET   In-Service Education and Training✔
IOSH    Institution of Occupational Safety and Health✔
IBR     Indian Boilers Regulations✔
IBO     International Baccalaureate Organization✔
INTER   Intermediate (Equivalent to 10+2)✔
INGO    International Non-governmental Organizations✔
IDEA    International Data Encryption Algorithm✔
IELTS   International English Language Testing System✔
ISMS    An information security management system✔
IBN     Indian Broadcasting Network✔
ISACA   Information Systems Audit and Control Association ✔

'J' Full Forms

JAIIB    Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers✔
JBL   James Bullough Lansing✔
JCB    Joseph Cyril Bamford / Japan Credit Bureau✔
JCV   John Cunningham Virus✔
JEE    Joint Entrance Examination✔
JK Tyre  Juggilal Kamlapat Ji Tyres✔
JPG    Joint Photographic Experts Group✔
JSF     JavaServer Faces✔
JVD    Jugular Vein Distension✔
JSON     JavaScript Object Notation✔
J4F     Just For Fun✔
J4L    Just For Laugh✔
JFY    Just For You✔
JLT    Just Like That✔
JLGs    Joint Liability Groups✔
JAD    Java Application Descriptor✔
JAR  Java Archive✔
JP   A justice of the peace✔
J   Judge, Justice✔
Junc    junction✔
Jan   January✔
Jr    Junior✔
                                                                        Jul  July✔
Jun  June✔
                                                 JIO  Joint Implementation Opportunities✔
JPEG  Joint Photographic Expert Group✔
JPG    Joint Photographic Group✔
JVC  Japan Victor Company✔
JOB  Just Obey Boss✔
JNPT   Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust✔
JSW    Jindal South West✔

'K' Full Forms

Kbps  Kilobits per second✔
KEI    Krishna Electricals Industries Limited✔
KGF   Kolar Gold Fields✔
KPI   Key Performance Indicator✔
KPO   Knowledge Process Outsourcing✔
KRA    Key Result Area/ Key Responsibility Area✔
KRPL   Khushi Ram Behari Lal Limited✔
KTM     Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen✔
KYC    Know Your Customer✔
K    Okay✔
KL   Cool✔
KCC   Kisan Credit Card✔
KS    Kill Steal, Kernel Streaming✔
kg   kilogram✔
km  kilometre(s)✔
KMB     Kotak Mahindra Bank.✔
KVB    Karur Vysya Bank.✔
KVIC   Khadi and Village Industries Corporation✔
KVP     Kisan Vikas Patra✔
KB   Kilobyte✔
KPH   Kilometer Per Hour✔
KPL    Kilometer Per Liter✔
KDMC    Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation✔
KMCC    Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre✔
KOT    Kitchen Order Ticket✔
KFC     Kerala Financial Code/Kentucky Fried Chicken✔
KEYBOARD keys electronic yet board operating a to z response directly✔
KIT   Keep In Touch✔
kw   Kilowatt(s)✔

'L' Full Forms

LDL   Low Density Lipoprotein✔
LFT   Liver Function Tests✔
LIFO   last in first out✔
LKG    Lower Kindergarten✔
LLM   Legum Magister✔
LLP    Limited Liability Partnership✔
Lat  Latin✔
lab  laboratory✔
lb  libra✔
Ltd   Limited✔
LPG   Liquefied Petroleum Gas✔
LTE   Long Term Evolution✔
LOVE  No, but can be Life's Only Valuable Emotion, Long Lasting Original Valuable Emotion✔
LOL    Laughing Out Loud / Lots Of Love✔
LAB    Local Area Bank.✔
LAF    Liquidity Adjustment Facility✔
LAMPS  Large Sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies✔
LAS    Loan & Advances by States✔
LBD    Land Development Bank✔
LBS    Locational Banking Statistics✔
LDB     Land Development Bank.✔
LERMS  Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System✔
LETS   Local Exchange Trading Systems✔
lIBI     Industrial Investment Bank of India Limited✔
LIBOR    London Inter Bank Offered Rate.✔
LOC    Line of Control, Lines of Credit✔
L   Lake, little, Latin✔
lang   language✔
lat    latitude✔
lb    libra✔
lc   letter of credit, lower case✔
ld  land✔
lit  literally✔
lux  luxury✔
l   left, line, litre✔
LTC  Leave Travel Concession✔
LTCG   Long-Term Capital Gains✔
LTF     Long-Term Finance✔
LTN    Long Term Note✔
LG   Lucky Goldstar✔
LR    Liberty Reserve✔
LCV   Light Commercial Vehicle✔
LSPV    Load Sensing Proportioning valve)✔
LASER    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation✔
LLB  Legum Baccalaureus in Latin (commonly known as Bachelor of Laws)✔
LLM    Legum Magister (Latin) & Master of Law✔
L&T  Larsen and Toubro✔
LLD   Low-level design✔
LED   Light Emitting Diode✔
LIC    Life Insurance Corporation of India✔
LLM    Latin Legum Magister✔
LSS     Lumbar spinal stenosis, Listening Skills and Strategies✔
LCM     Least Common Multiple, Least Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple✔
LPG     Liquefied Petroleum Gas✔
LG     Life’s Good✔
LAN    Local Area Network✔
LCD     Liquid Crystal Display✔
LDT     Lightning Data Transport✔
LED    Light Emitting Diode✔
LSI     Large Scale Integration✔
LBA     Logical Block Addressing✔
LC  Lucent Connector✔
LDAP    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol✔
LIP     Lipoly Lithium-Ion Polymer✔
Li-on   Lithium-Ion✔
LPD/LPR Line Printer Daemon / Line Printer Remote✔
LPT     Line Printer Terminal✔
LPT1    Line Printer Terminal 1✔
LPX     Low Profile Extended✔
LVD     Low Voltage Differential✔
LDS     Low Disk Space✔
LAPTOP  Lightweight Analytical Platform Total Optimized Power✔
LLC     Limited Liability Company✔
LVM     In Linux, Logical Volume Manager✔
LBW   Leg Before Wicket✔
LOP   Loss of Pay✔
LWP     Leave Without Pay✔
LC     Letter of Credit, Leaving Certificate✔
LTA     Leave Travel Allowance✔
LDC    Lower division clerk ✔

'M' Full Forms

MA   Master of Arts✔
MH   Maharashtra✔
MAC   Media Access Control Address✔
MB    Medicinae Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Medicine✔
med   medical, medicine✔
min    minimum, minute✔
misc   miscellaneous✔
ml   millilitre✔
mm    millimetre(s)✔
morn   morning✔
MBPS   Megabits per Second✔
MC    Menstrual Cycle✔
MCLR   Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate✔
MD   Doctor of Medicine✔
MICR    Magnetic Ink Character Recognition✔
MMID   Mobile Money Identifier✔
MMR     Measles Mumps and Rubella✔
MoES   Ministry of Earth Sciences✔
MOU     Memorandum of Understanding✔
MPEG   Moving Picture Experts Group✔
MRF  Madras Rubber Factory✔
MRI   Magnetic Resonance Imaging✔
MSC   Mobile Switching Center & Master of Science✔
MSME   Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises✔
MTS   Microsoft Transaction Server✔
MTUK   More Than You Know✔
Mad, or Mdm Madam✔
mag  magazine✔
Maj   Major✔
marg   margin✔
mas, masc masculine✔
M   Member, Mister, MAY✔
m  male, masculine, married, metre(s), mile(s), million, minute(s), mark(s)✔
Mar   March✔
maths   mathematics✔
max     maximum✔
mech    mechanic✔
mkt     market✔
ml      mile(s), millilitre(s)
MO      Medical Officer, Money Order, Mail order✔
Mon     Monday
Mr      Master or Mister✔
Mrs     Mistress✔
MS      Master of Science✔
MBP     Manchester Bus Powered, Millennium Business Park✔
MCO     Movement Control Office✔
MNS     Military Nursing Service✔
MEd     Master of Education✔
M.Com   Master of Commerce✔
MCITP   Microsoft Certified IT Professional✔
MOL Manned Orbiting Laboratory, Mac On Linux, Machine-Oriented Language, Ministry Of Labour, Mitsui OSK Lines (Company)✔
M&As   Mergers and Acquisitions✔
MBFC    Mutual Benefit Financial Company✔
MCA     Ministry Of Company Affairs✔
MCLR    Marginal Cost Of Lending Rate✔
MEDP    Multinational Design Evaluation Progrrame✔
MFDF    Micro Finance Development Fund✔
MFIs      Micro-Financial Institutions✔
MIBOR  Mumbai Inter Bank Offer Rate.✔
MIRSD  Market Intermediaries Registration and Supervision Department✔
MNBCs Miscellaneous Non-Banking Companies✔
MPBF    Maximum Permissible Bank Finance✔
MRD     Market Regnlation Department✔
MSS       Market Stabilisation Scheme✔
MTN    Medium Term Note✔
MUDRA Micro Units Development And Refinance Agency✔
M3G     Mobile 3D Graphics✔
MMC    Multimedia Card✔
MMF     Synthetic Music Mobile Application File✔
MPEG    Moving Picture Experts Group Phase✔
MSEB    Maharashtra State Electricity Board✔
MPSC    Maharashtra Public Service Commission✔
MPFI     Multi Point Fuel Injection✔
MRF   Madras Rubber Factory✔
MUV    Multi Utility vehicle✔
MIS  Management Information Systems, Monthly Income Scheme✔
MPEG   Motion Picture Experts Group (file extension MPG)✔
MSC       Mobile Switching Center, Master of Science✔
MSC     Mediterranean Shipping Company✔
MB    Mega Byte✔
MMC   Multimedia Card✔
MS    Management Science✔
MCB   Miniature Circuit Breaker✔
MP3   MPEG player lll✔
MBA   Master of Business Administration✔
MCA   Master of Computer Application✔
MD   Doctor of Medicine✔
MS  Master of Science, Master of Surgery & Microsoft✔
MSC  Mobile Switching Center & Master of Science✔
MT  Medical Lab Technician✔
MS-CIT  Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology✔
MKCL    Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited✔
MCSC    Medicare Customer Service Center✔
MP      Member of Parliament, Madhya Pradesh✔
MCTS    Mother and Child Tracking System✔
MMTM    Master of Management of Transfusion Medicine✔
MAT     Management Aptitude Test✔
MI Myocardial Infarction, Mumbai Indians, MOBILE INTERNET or MISSION IMPOSSIBLE✔
MBBS    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery✔
MLA     Member of Legislative Assembly✔
MMS     Multimedia Messaging Service✔
MRF     Madras Rubber Factory✔
MBL     Marine Biological Laboratory, Master Bill of Lading✔
MTNL    Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited✔
MTS     Microsoft Transaction Server✔
MAC     Media Access Control✔
MB      Motherboard Or Megabyte✔
MHz     Megahertz✔ca
MIPS    Million Instructions Per Second✔
MMX     Multi Media Extensions✔
MSI     MicroSoft InstallerMicro Star International✔
mph     miles per hour✔
mth     month✔
MOTHER  Motivator Onlyone Truelove  Heartiest Exceptional  Responsible✔
MAN     Metropolitan Area Network✔
MODEM   Modulator Demodulator✔
MPP     Marginal physical product, Master of Public Policy, Member of Provincial Parliament✔
MAP     Messaging Application Programming Interface✔
MBR     Master Boot Record✔
MBSA    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer✔
MCR     Multivariant Curve Resolution✔
MFD     Multi-Function Device✔
MFP     Multi-Function Product✔
MHz     Megahertz✔
MicroDIMM  Micro Dual Inline Memory Module✔
MIDI    Musical Instrument Digital Interface✔
MIME    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension✔
MLI     Multiple Link Interface✔
MMC     Microsoft Management Console✔
MMX     Multimedia Extensions✔
MP3     Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio✔
MPEG    Moving Picture Experts Group✔
MSCONFIG Microsoft Configuration✔
MSDS    Material Safety Data Sheet✔
MUI     Multilingual User Interface✔
MUSIC   Mind Uninterrupted Soulful Intriguing Caravan✔
MORT    The Mean Oceanic Residence Time✔
MMTPA   Million Metric Tonne Per Annum✔
MSIL    Maruti Suzuki India Limited✔
MIDC    Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation✔
MCBC    Malaysia Canada Business Council✔
MAT     Management Aptitude Test✔
MORT    The Mean Oceanic Residence Time✔
MSIL    Maruti Suzuki India Limited✔
MMTPA   Million Metric Tonne Per Annum✔
MET     The metabolic equivalent of task✔
MHADA   Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority✔
MCC     Motor Control Center, Merchant category codes, Marylebone Cricket Club✔
MSBTE   The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education✔
MCSA    Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate✔
MCSE    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer✔
MMT     Master Card Money Transfer✔
MCGM    Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai✔
MMTC    Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation ✔

'N' Full Forms

NABH    National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers✔
NAAC   National Assessment and Accreditation Council✔
NAC  Network Access Control✔
NBFC     Non-Banking Financial Companies✔
NCC   National Cadet Corps✔
NCERT   National Council of Educational Research and Training✔
NDA       National Defence Academy, National Democratic Alliance✔
NDRF     National Disaster Response Force✔
NDTV   New Delhi Television✔
NET     National Eligibility Test✔
NFC    Near Field Communication✔
NIFTY   National Stack Exchange Fifty✔
NOC   No Objection Certificate✔
NOTA    None of the Above✔
NPA   Non Performing Assets✔
NPR   National Population Register✔
NLP    Neuro-Linguistic Programming✔
NABL    National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories✔
NMMT    Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport✔
N   North(ern), New✔
n   name✔
n.d    no date, not dated✔
neg  negative✔
Nos, nos numbers✔
Nov   November✔
nr   near✔
NR   Northern Railway✔
NCB Narcotics Control Bureau
NCE    New chemical entity✔
NSDL   National Securities Depository Limited✔
NSUI   National Students' Union of India✔
NSS  National Service Scheme✔
NTPC   National Thermal Power Corporation✔
NTG   Nitroglycerin✔
NABARD    National Bank For Agricultural And Rural Development.✔
NAFCUB     National Federation of Urban Cooperative Banks and Credit Societies✔
NAFED  National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation✔
NAS    National Account Statistics.✔
NAV  Net Asset Value.✔
NBC   Non Banking Companies.✔
NBFC   Non Banking Finance Companies✔
NBFCs   Non-Bank Financial Companies✔
NCAER  National Council of Applied Economic Research✔
NCC    National Clearing Cells✔
NCMC   National Common Mobility Card✔
NCS       Network Computing System✔
NDA     Net Domestic Asset✔
NDC    Non-Dues Certificate✔
NDS   Negotiated Dealing Systems✔
NDSAP  National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy✔
NDTL     Net Demand And Time Liability✔
NECS     National Electronic Clearing System✔
NFA    No Frills Account.✔
NFC    Non Banking Finance Companies.✔
NFS    National Financial Switch✔
NGO    Non-Governmental Organisation✔
NH      National Highways, National Holiday✔
NHAI    National Highways Authority of India✔
NC   No Comment, No Choice✔
NCVT    National Council of Vocational Training✔
NCTVT   National Council of Training in Vocational Trades✔
NCPA    The National Centre for the Performing Arts✔
NMS     Network Management System✔
NRI    Non-Resident Indian✔
NHB     National Housing Bank.✔
NIB     Nordic Investment Bank.✔
NII    Net Interest Income✔
NOF  Net Owned Funds✔
NPA   Non Performing Assets.✔
NPCI   National Payments Corporation Of India✔
NPLM    Non-Performing Loan Management✔
NPS     National Pensions Scheme.✔
NPV    Net Present Value✔
NRE     Non Resident External Account✔
NRNR    Non-Resident Non-Repatriable Term Deposit Account✔
NRO    Non-Resident Ordinary Account✔
NRSR    Non-Resident (Special) Rupee Account✔
NSE    National Stock Exchange.✔
NSFDC  National Scheduled Castes Finance And Development Corporation✔
NSIC   National Small Industries Corporation✔
NSS    National Savings Scheme✔
NAT    Network Address Translation✔
NA  Not Available✔
NCP  The Nationalist Congress Party✔
NBS   N-Bromosuccinimide✔
NOKIA   Network Of Known Internet Addicts✔
NRT   Nokia Ringtone✔
NTH   Nokia Theme ✔
NCC    Network Control Center✔
NET   Internet✔
NUM LOCK Number Lock✔
NASDAQ  National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations✔
NPA   Non Performing Assets✔
NIIT   National Institute of Information Technology✔
NARC  National Agricultural Research Centre✔
NASA    National Aeronautics and Space Administration✔
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization✔
NCC  National Cadet Corps✔
NCERT   National Council of Educational Research and Training✔
NCR     National Capital Region✔
NDTV    New Delhi Television✔
NEFT    National Electronic Funds Transfer✔
NIFTY   National Stack Exchange Fifty✔
NOC     No Objection Certificate✔
NPA     Non Performing Assets✔
NRC     National Register of Citizens✔
NRI     Non-Resident Indian✔
NAS     Network Attached Storage✔
NAT     Network Address Translation✔
NIC     Network Interface Card✔
NetBIOS Networked Basic Input/Output System✔
NetBEUI Networked Basic Input/Output System Extended User Interface✔
NFS     Network File System✔
NiCd    Nickel Cadmium✔
NiMH    Nickel Metal Hydride✔
NLI     Not Logged In Or Natural Language Interface✔
NLX     New Low-Profile Extended✔
NNTP    Network News Transfer Protocol✔
NTFS    New Technology File System✔
NTLDR   New Technology Loader✔
NWLINK  Netware Link✔
NRZI    Non Return to Zero Inverted✔
NOHFC   non-operative financial holding company✔
NADRA   National Database and Registration Authority✔
NDRF    National Disaster Response Force✔
NADEP   National Agribusiness Development Programme✔
NT   Nice Try✔
NT   No Teeth✔
NT   Next Time✔
NT   Not Today✔
NT   No Thanks✔
NTDS   New Technology Directory Services✔
Ntds  Neglected tropical diseases✔
NZ  New Zealand✔
NVOCC   non-vessel operating common carrier✔
NANDA   North American Nursing Diagnosis Association✔
NESCO   Near East Side Community Organization, National Electric Signaling Company✔
NSC   National Savings Certificates✔

'O' Full Forms

OCD  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder✔
OCR  Optical Character Recognition✔
OECD   Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development✔
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer✔
OK     Olla Kalla, Ore Korrect, All correct✔
o.p   out of print✔
opp   opposite✔
ord     order, ordinary✔
OMR      Optical Mark Recognition✔
ONGC   Oil and Natural Gas Corporation✔
OOTD  Outfit of the Day✔
OPD   Outpatient Department✔
OPEC  Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries✔
OSA  Obstructive Sleep Apnea✔
OTI     Ocean Transport Intermediary✔
OR   Operations Research✔
OSI   Open Systems Interconnection✔
OTA   Officers Training Academy✔
OLA    An operational level agreement✔
OLX  On Line eXchange✔
O   Oxygen✔
obj.  object, objective✔
off  official✔
Oct   October✔
o/a   on account of✔
OP    Original Poster, Original Post✔
OSLT   Or Something Like That✔
OT   Off Topic✔
OTOH   On the other Hand✔
OAB   Oman Arab Bank✔
OBC   Oriental Bank of Commerce, Other Backward Class✔
OBE   Off-Balance Sheet Exposures✔
OBUs   Offshore Banking Units✔
OCB    Overseas Corporate Bodies✔
OD   Overdraft✔
ODI One Day International✔
ODIs   Offshore/Overseas Derivative Instruments✔
OECD   Organisation For Economic Cooperation And Development✔
OFCS   Offshore Financial Centers✔
OLTAS   Online Tax Accounting System✔
OMO   Open Market Operations✔
OTCEI    Over the Counter Exchange Of India✔
OTP   One-Time Password✔
OTS   One-Time Settlement✔
OSK    On-Screen Keyboard✔
OBD    On Board Diagnose✔
OHV  Over Head Valve✔
OSK   On Screen Keyboard✔
OMR  Optical Mark Recognition✔
OPD Outpatient Department✔
OC   Over Clock / Other Cast✔
OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer✔
OMR  Optical Mark Reader✔
OS  Operating System✔
OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer✔
OSR   Original Equipment Manufacturer Service Release✔
OTG  On-The-Go✔
OCR  Optical character recognition or optical character reader✔
OHSAS   Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services✔
OSCE    Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe✔
OHSAS   Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services✔
ORP  Oxidation-reduction potential✔
ORS  Oral Rehydration Solution✔
OSS   Operations Support System✔
OIL  Oil India Limited✔
OOG  Out of Gauge✔
oppo   Opposition✔
OJT    on-the-job training✔
OYO   On Your Own✔

'P' Full Forms

PA   Personal Assistant, Press Association✔
PAN  Permanent Account Number✔
PAK   Pakistan✔
PBX   Private Branch Exchange✔
PCB   Printed Circuit Board✔
PCC  Police Clearance Certificate✔
PCI   Press Council of India, Peripheral Component Interconnect✔
PCO  Public Call Office✔
PCS   Provincial Civil Service✔
PDA    Personal Digital Assistant✔
PDF   Portable Document Format✔
PFA   Please Find Attachment, Predictive Failure Analysis✔
PFMS   Public Financial Management System✔
PGDCA Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application✔
PGDM   Post Graduate Diploma in Management✔
PHD  Doctor of Philosophy✔
PH  Potential of Hydrogen✔
PHP  Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called Personal Home Page)✔
PID   Pelvic Inflammatory Disease✔
PIL   Public Interest Litigation✔
PING  Packet Internet Groper✔
PKC   Public Key Cryptography✔
PKD  Polycystic Kidney Disease✔
PMS   Premenstrual Syndrome✔
PNB    Punjab National Bank✔
PNG  Portable Network Graphics✔
PNR   Passenger Name Record✔
PO  Probationary Officer & Post Office✔
PR  Public Relations✔
POD   Proof of Delivery, Port Of Destination, Payable On Demand , Pay On Death✔
POR  Place of Receipt✔
POL  port of loading, Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants, Policy, Poland✔
POK Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
PLR    Prime Lending Rate✔
PBN    Private Blog Network✔
P  Parking✔
p   page(s), per✔
POC   Proof of Concept✔
PS  Postscript✔
PV   Per Vaginum✔
PR   Per Rectum✔
PT   Physical Training✔
PMG  PostMaster General✔
pa    per annum✔
Pk   Park✔
pkt   Packet✔
pl   place✔
PP   pages✔
PSI   Pound per Square Inch & Population Services International✔
PSLV   Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle✔
PSU   Public Sector Undertaking, Power Supply Unit✔
PTO   Please Turn Over & Paid Time Off✔
PTSD  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder✔
PUBG  Public Works Department✔
PUBG    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds✔
PUC   Pollution Under Control , Pre University Course , Personal Unlock Code✔
PVC   Poly Vinyl Chloride, Param Veer Chakra✔
PVR   Priya Village Roadshow✔
PWD   Public Works Department✔
PM   Private Message, Prime Minister, Post Master✔
POV   Point of View✔
PACS    Primary Agricultural Credit Societies✔
PAN   Permanent Account Number✔
PBS    Projected Balance Sheet✔
PBT  Profit Before Tax
PC  Participation Certificate / Personal Computer✔
PCA  Prompt Corrective Action✔
PCARDB   Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank✔
PCDs   Partly Convertible Debentures✔
PDO   Public Debt Office✔
PEP     Personal Equity Plans✔
PF  Provident Fund✔
PFls    Public Financial Institutions✔
PFRDA  Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority✔
PEN    Poets, Essayists, Novelists✔
PGS    Payment Gateway System.✔
PIN    Personal Identification Number✔
PIO   People of Indian Origin✔
PIS   Portfolio Investment Scheme✔
PKI     Public Key Infrastructure✔
PLIs    Prime Lending Institutions✔
PLP   Potential Linked Plan✔
PLR    Prime Lending Rate✔
PMLA    Prevention of Money Laundering Act✔
P-Notes Participatory Notes✔
POA    Power of Attorney✔
PoS    Point of Sale✔
PPF     Public Provident Fund✔
PPIs    Prepaid Payment Instruments✔
PRSF    Partial Risk Sharing Facility✔
PSBs  Public Sector Banks✔
PTCs   Pass-Through Certificates✔
PB    Peta Byte✔
PgDn    Page Down✔
PgUP   Page Up✔
PNG   Portable Network Graphics✔
PP    Paypal✔
PAYTM   Pay Through Mobile✔
PCOS    Polycystic ovary syndrome✔
PR   Page Rank✔
pw   per week✔
PRO    Professional✔
PrtScn   Print Screen✔
PW /PASS Password✔
PCO   Public Call Office✔
PCS   Provincial Civil Service & Personal Communication Service✔
PC  Personal Computer, Post-Card✔
PDC   Primary Domain Controller✔
PFA    Please Find Attachment & Predictive Failure Analysis✔
PIN   Personal Identification Number✔
POP   Power On Password✔
PPC    Pay Per Click✔
PRO     Professional✔
PSU   Power Supply Unit✔
PSI   Pound per Square Inch✔
PCS   Provincial Civil Service✔
PGDCA Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application✔
PHD   Doctor of Philosophy✔
PSC  Provincial Civil Service✔
PWC Company Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand Company✔
PDA  Personal Digital Assistant✔
PCMCIA  Peripheral Component Microchannel Interconnect Architecture✔
PGA   Professional Graphics Array✔
PL  Paid Leave✔
PPO   Pension Payment Order✔
PLD     Programmable Logic Device✔
pm  premium✔
PnP  Plug N Play✔
PPPoA   Point To Point Protocol Over ATM✔
PPPoE   Point To Point Protocol Over Ethernet✔
PXE     Preboot Execution Environment✔
PVC     Permanent Virtual Circuit✔
PSTN    Public Switched Telephone Network✔
PS/2    Personal System/2 Connector✔
PROM    Programmable Read-Only Memory✔
PRI     Primary Rate Interface✔
PPTP    Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol✔
PPP     Power Point Presentation✔
PPP     Point-To-Point Protocol✔
PPE Kit Personal Protective Equipment
POTS    Plain Old Telephone Service✔
POST    Power-On Self Test✔
POP3    Post Office Protocol Version 3✔
POP     Post Office Protocol✔
PGA2    Pin Grid Array 2✔
PD   Period✔
PD     Police Department✔
PD   Paid✔
PD   Professional Development✔
PAPO    Peninsula And Plains Orienteers✔
PG    Paying Guest, Post Graduate✔
PMC   Project Management Consultant, Project Management Contract✔
PFT  Pulmonary function test✔
PRO  Public Relations Officer, Privilege Responsibility And Opportunity, Player Referee Organization✔
PAO  Pay and Accounts Office ✔

'Q' Full Forms

QR Code Quick Response Code✔
QA   quality assurance, Question Answer✔
QC   Quality control✔
QGC   Questar Gas Company✔
QIB    Qualified Institutional Bankers✔
QIP    Qualified Institutional Placement✔
QIS    Quantitative Impact Study✔
QoS    Quality Of Service✔
QMS     A quality management system✔
qCRP    Quantitative C-Reactive Protein✔
QS   quantity specification✔
Q    queue, query, question✔
qr  quarter(s)✔
qt   quantity✔

'R' Full Forms

RAC   Reservation Against Cancellation✔
RAW    Research and Analysis Wing✔
RBC   Red Blood Cell✔
RBL   Ratnakar Bank Limited✔
RMS    Royal Mail Ship, Railway Mail Service✔
RDX     Research Department Explosive / Royal Demolition Explosive✔
RERA   Real Estate Regulatory Authority✔
RFID   Radio Frequency Identification✔
RH    Regional Holiday, Rhesus✔
RHD     Rheumatic Heart Disease✔
RNA   Ribonucleic Acid✔
ROFL  Rolling On Floor Laughing✔
RRB    Railway Recruitment Board✔
RSA    Rivest, Shamir, Adleman✔
ROI   Return on Investment✔
Rd   road✔
rev  revolution✔
rm  room✔
Re  Rupee✔
Rs Rupees✔
R  Refused✔
rt   right✔
recd   received✔
recpt   receipt✔
ref    reference✔
Rep  representative, report, reporter✔
retd    retired, returned✔
ROFL      Rolling On Floor Laughing✔
ROTFL   Rolling on the Floor Laughing✔
RSVP   Repondez s’il vous plait✔
RIM  Research In Motion✔
RAROC  Risk-Adjusted Return On Capital✔
RBI   Reserve Bank of India✔
RBS    Royal Bank of Scotland.✔
RCF    Risk Capital Foundation✔
RCI   Refinance Corporation For Industry✔
RLO   Returned Letter Office, Resident Liaison Officer✔
RDDBFI Recovery of Debt due to Banks and Financial Institutions✔
REC  Rural Electrification Corporation✔
REPOS   Ready Forward Contracts✔
RFC    Resident Foreign Currency✔
RFID    Radio Frequency Identification✔
RIDF    Rural Infrastructure Development Fund✔
RML   Reverse Mortgage Loan✔
RNBCs   Residuary Non-Banking Companies✔
ROA   Return On Assets✔
ROC     Registration of Companies✔
RORO  Roll-on/roll-off✔
RND    Research and Development✔
RC    Registration Certificate✔
RoE    Return On Equity✔
RRB     Regional Rural Bank.✔
RRBs   Regional Rural Banks✔
RTGS   Real Time Gross Settlement System.✔
RWA  Risk Weighted Assets✔
RGB    Red – Green – Blue✔
RSS   Really Simple Syndication✔
RTS   Real Time Streaming✔
RTR    Racing Throttle Response✔
RWD   Rear Wheel Drive✔
RADAR  Radio Detection And Ranging✔
RAS   Remote Access Server / Service✔
RO   Reverse Osmosis✔
REGEDIT  Registry Editor✔
RGB   Red Green Blue✔
RIP  Rest In Peace, Routing Information Protocol✔
RSS    Really Simple Syndication, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh✔
RDBMS  Relational Data Base Management System✔
ROM   Read Only Memory✔
RTI    Right to Information✔
RTO   Regional Transport Office , Road Transport Office✔
RAM  Random Access Memory✔
RDRAM   Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory✔
RPM  Revolutions Per Minute✔
RAID  Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disks✔
RAS   Remote Access Service✔
RBAC   Role-Based Access Control Or Rule-Based Access Contro✔
RF   Radio Frequency✔
RD  Recurring Deposit✔
RFI    Radio Frequency Interference✔
RGB   Red Green Blue✔
RIMM    RAMBUS Inline Memory Module✔
RIS   Remote Installation Service✔
RISC   Reduced Instruction Set Computer✔
RJ   Registered Jack✔
RJ-11   Registered Jack Function 11✔
RJ-45   Registered Jack Function 45✔
RMA   Returned Materials Authorization✔
RTC  Real-Time Clock✔
RSETI   Rural Self Employment Training Institute✔
RI   Revenue Inspector/Rigorous Imprisonment/Referential Integrity Ring Indicate✔
RTE Right to Education✔
RA   Resident Assistant ✔

'S' Full Forms

SAARC  South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation✔
SAP    systems, applications and products✔
SAS    Statistical Analysis Software✔
SA    Société Anonyme, South Africa✔
SID  security identifier✔
S    Saint, South(ern), Society✔
s   second, singular, son✔
Sat   Saturday✔
s.c     small capital✔
sig    signature✔
sing   singular✔
Sq   square✔
St   Street✔
st    stone✔
sub   subject✔
Sch   School✔
sec  secretary✔
Sept   September✔
Sen  Senior✔
sol  Solution✔
Sr   Senior, Sir✔
Sta  Station✔
SBI   State Bank of India✔
SCADA  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition✔
SCUBA  Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus✔
SDM    Sub Divisional Magistrate✔
SDK    Software Development Kit✔
SEBI    Securities and Exchange Board of India✔
SENSEX Stock Exchange Sensitive Index✔
SEO    Search Engine Optimization✔
SGOT    Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase✔
SGPT    Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase✔
SHO   Station House Officer✔
SIDBI   Small Industries Development Bank of India✔
SIM    Subscriber Identity Module✔
SIP     Systematic Investment Plan✔
SIT    Special Investigation Team✔
SKU  Stock Keeping Unit✔
SLA   Service Level Agreement✔
SLR   Single Lens Reflex, Statutory Liquidity Ratio✔
SME   Small and Medium-sized Enterprises✔
SMH   Shake My Head✔
SMPS    Switched-Mode Power Supply✔
SMTP    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol✔
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging✔
SOP     Standard Operating Procedure✔
SOS    Save Our Souls✔
SPSS   Statistical Package for the Social Sciences✔
SQL  Structured Query Language✔
SSB    Service Selection Board✔
SSC   Secondary School Certificate, Staff Selection Commission✔
SSD   Solid State Drive✔
SOA   Service-oriented architecture✔
SSLC    Secondary School Leaving Certificate✔
STD   Subscriber Trunk Dialing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases✔
STP   Sewage Treatment Plant✔
STC   The State Trading Corporation of India Ltd, Said To Contain✔
SOB  Shortness of Breath, Shipped on Board✔
SEEPZ   Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone✔
S.Y    Sincerely Yours, Second Year✔
SIC  Standard Industrial Classification✔
STB  Set Top Box✔
SRS  software requirements specification✔
SUV  Sport Utility Vehicle✔
SWAT    Special Weapons and Tactics✔
SFLR    Sorry, for late Reply✔
SHO    Station House Officer✔
SIT    Special Investigation Team✔
SSB    Service Selection Board✔
SB   Saving Bank, Scroll Bar, Set Byte✔
SCAR   Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle✔
SCAC  Standard Carrier Alpha Code✔
SaaS  Software as a service✔
S.N.D.T   Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University✔
SETU  Self Employment and Talent Utilization✔
SONY   Sound Of New York✔
SMSC   Gateway Mobile Switching Center✔
SACs    Settlement Advisory Committees✔
SAMIS   Strategic Asset Management Information System✔
SCB    Scheduled Commercial Bank✔
SCC    Selective Credit Control.✔
SDBS    Service Discharge Benefit Scheme✔
SDR   Special Drawing Rights✔
SDS   Special Deposit Scheme✔
SEPA    Single Euro Payment Area.✔
SEPUP   Self-Employment Programme For Urban Poor✔
SEZs   Special Economic Zones✔
SFCs   State Financial Corporations✔
SFMS    Structured Financial Messaging Services✔
SGB   Sovereign Gold Bond✔
SGSY   Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana✔
SHG   Self Help Group✔
SHGs   Self-Help Groups✔
Sis  Sister✔
SSPOS   Senior Superintendent of Post Offices✔
SCD     Specification Control Drawing, Specification Control Document✔
SIDBI    Small Industries And Development Bank Of India.✔
SIDC   State Industrial Development Corporation✔
SIFI    Systematically Important Financial Intermediaries✔
SIPS    Systemically Important Payment System✔
SJSRY    Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozgar Yojana✔
SLBC   State-Level Bankers’ Committee✔
SLR    Statutory Reserve Ratio✔
SLRS   Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers✔
SME   Small and Medium Industries✔
SMERA   SME Rating Agency of India Limited✔
SMILE    SIDBI Make in India Loan for small Enterprises✔
SPNS     Shared Payment Network System.✔
SPOM    Self-Programmable One-Chip Microcomputer✔
SPV    Special Purpose Vehicle✔
SSI    Small Scale Industries✔
SSIDC    State Small Industries Development Corporation✔
SSSBE    Small Scale Service and Business Enterprises✔
STD   Short Term Deposit✔
STF    Short-Term Finance✔
STP    Straight -Through Processing✔
SWIFT   Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication✔
ScrLk  Scroll Lock✔
SD   Secure Digital✔
SMS   Short Message Service✔
SQ   Systemizing quotient✔
SDL  Specification and Description Language✔
SWOT    strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis✔
SMART   Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely✔
SWF    Shock Wave Flash✔
SYS    System✔
SysRq   System Request✔
S.I. Engine Spark Ignition Engine✔
SFC     Specific Fuel Consumption✔
SOHC  Single Over Head Camshaft✔
SRS    Supplemental Restraint System✔
SUV   Sport Utility Vehicle✔
SLR    Single Lens Reflex, Statutory Liquidity Ratio✔
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging✔
SSI   Server Side Includes (web technology that allows for dynamic data exchange in web pages)✔
STP    Shielded Twisted Pair✔
SD   Secure Digital✔
S.E.A.T.O Southeast Asia Treaty Organization✔
SQL    Structured Query Language✔
SYS    System✔
SYSRQ   System Request✔
SKU   Stock Keeping Unit✔
SSC   Secondary School Certificate, Staff Selection Commission✔
SSLC  Secondary School Leaving Certificate✔
SAARC   South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation✔
SATA    Serial Advanced Technology Attachment✔
S/W   Software✔
SHO     Station House Officer✔
SKU    Stock Keeping Unit✔
SMO     Social Media Optimization✔
SMS     Short Message Service✔
SASID   Self Scanned Amorphous Silicon Integrated Display✔
SCA     Scsi Configured Automatically✔
SODIMM  Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module✔
SPARC   Scalable Processor Architecture✔
SRAM    Static Random Access Memory✔
SR      Service Register, Service Release, Stock Room✔
SSE     Streaming Simd Extensions✔
S/PDIF  Sony Or Philips Digital Interface✔
SAN     Storage Area Network✔
SATA    Serial Advanced Technology Attachment✔
SC   Scheduled CastesSubscription Channel✔
SCSI    Small Computer System Interface✔
SCSI ID Small Computer System Interface Identifier✔
SD      Card Secure Digital Card✔
SDRAM   Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory✔
SEC     Single Edge Connector✔
SFC     System File Checker✔
SGRAM   Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory✔
SIMM    Single Inline Memory Module✔
SLI Scalable Link Interface Or System Level Integration Or Scanline Interleave Mode✔
SMB     Server Message Block Or Small To Midsize Business✔
SMTP    Simple Mail Transport Protocol✔
SNMP    Simple Network Management Protocol✔
SoDIMM  Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module✔
SOHO    Small Office/Home Office✔
Sr Senior✔
SP      Service Pack✔
SP1     Service Pack Version 1✔
SP2     Service Pack Version  2✔
SPDIF   Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format✔
SPGA    Staggered Pin Grid Array✔
SPX     Sequenced Package Exchange✔
SSH    Secure Shell✔
SSID    Service Set Identifier✔
SSL     Secure Sockets Layer✔
ST   schedule tribesStraight Tip✔
STP     Shielded Twisted Pair✔
SVGA    Super Video Graphics Array✔
SXGA    Super Extended Graphics Array✔
SDMC    South Delhi Municipal Corporation✔
SDF   shipping declaration form / Sikkim Democratic Front /Standard Data Format (file name extension) / Space Delimited File Space Delimited Format✔
SCIENCE Secret closed in every natural compound eccentrically✔
SAT     Scholastic Assessment Test✔
SPOC    Single Point Of Contact✔
SPA     Sanus Per Aquam✔
SALT    Sustainable Agroforest Land Technology, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks✔
SI      Shipping Instruction✔
SOD     Segregation of Duties✔ 

'T' Full Forms

TA    Travelling Allowance✔
TAFE   Tractors and Farm Equipment✔
TAT  Turn Around Time✔
TBI    Traumatic Brain Injury✔
TBT    Throwback Thursday✔
TDR    Ticket Deposit Receipt, Term Deposit Receipt, Time Domain Reflectometer✔
TGT    Trained Graduate Teacher✔
TLC   Total Lung Capacity✔
TOI   Times of India✔
TPA   Third Party Administrator✔
TRAI     Telecom Regulatory Authority of India✔
TRP   Television Rating Point✔
TVS    Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram✔
TBA   To be Announced✔
TBC   To be Continued / To be Confirmed✔
TBH    To Be Honest✔
TIA   Thanks in Advance✔
TIL   Today I Learned✔
TTC  Teacher Training Course, Trans Thane Creek✔
t   ton(s), time✔
tech    technical, technology✔
tel   telegraph✔
tr  translator✔
T.Y   Third Year✔
T/S    Transshipment✔
TL  Too Long ✔
TTYL    Talk To You Later✔
TY   Thank You✔
TYT    Take your Time✔
TYVM    Thank You Very Much✔
T/T    Telegraphic Transfer✔
TT Table Tennis✔
TAN  Transaction Number/Tax Deduction Account Number✔
TCS   Tata Consultancy Services✔
TATA    Time and Time Again✔
TIS    Technical Information Service, Tata Interactive Service✔
TMT    thermo mechanical treatment, Thane Municipal Trust✔
TELEX   Teleprinter Exchange✔
temp    temperature, temporary✔
Thur(s) Thursday✔
Tues    Tuesday✔
TDF  Technical Development Fund✔
TDICI    Technology Development and Information Company of India Limited✔
TIEA       Tax Information and Exchange Agreement✔
TC  Ticker Collector, Traction Control✔
TDCI     Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection✔
TDI    Turbocharged Direct Injection✔
TSI     Turbocharged Stratified Injection✔
TV  Television✔
TPSL   TechProcess Solutions Limited✔
TOS  The Original Series✔
TDG   Transportation of Dangerous Goods✔
TOP   Tourist Oriented Police✔
TRN    Tax Registration Number✔
TVS    Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram✔
TLD    Top Level Domain✔
TXT   Text✔
TDR   Time Domain Reflectometer✔
TA Travelling Allowance ✔
TAN   Ticket Deposit Receipt, Term Deposit Receipt & Time Domain Reflectometer✔
TDR   Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number✔
TIN   Taxpayer Identification Number✔
TGT    Trained Graduate Teacher✔
TDS    Tax Deducted at Source✔
TIN    Taxpayer Identification Number✔
TB   Tuberculosis,Terabytes✔
TBps   Terabytes Per Second✔
Tbps   Terabits Per Second✔
TEC    Thermoelectric Cooler✔
TJSB    Thane Janata Sahakari Bank✔
TMC    Travel management company, Thane Municipal Corporation✔
TWAIN   Technology Without An Important Name✔
TFT   Thin Film Transistor✔
TCP/IP  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol✔
TDR    Time Domain Reflectometer✔
TFTP   Trivial File Transfer Protocol✔
TCGST   Tank Crew Gunnery Skills Test✔
TAX   Trunk Automatic Exchange✔
TRP   Television Rating Point✔
TOEFL   Test of English as a Foreign Language✔
TEACHER Talented Educated Adorable Charming Helpful Encouraging and Responsible✔
TTL     transistor-transistor logic, Time To Leave✔
TEU    Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit✔
THS    thyroid stimulating hormone✔
TIN     Taxpayer Identification Number✔
THC   Terminal Handling Charges✔
TES   Thermal Energy Storage✔
TLS   Transport Layer Security✔
TEST   Thermal Energy Storage Technology✔
TikTok  Time pass Ignore all Kindle book Temperature high Only videos Kam chor✔

'U' Full Forms

UCO Bank United Commercial Bank✔
UDP    User Datagram Protocol✔
UGC   University Grants Commission✔
UIDAI    Unique Identification Authority of India✔
UKSA   United Kingdom Space Agency✔
UML   Unified Modeling Language✔
UNDP   United Nations Development Programme✔
UNESCO   United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization✔
UNICEF  United Nations Children's Fund✔
UNO   United Nations Organization✔
UPA   United Progressive Alliance, United Production of America✔
USP   Unique Selling Proposition✔
U   uranium, universal✔
UDC   upper division clerk✔
US  United States✔
USA    united state of america✔
UAE    United Arab Emirates✔
UK  United Kingdom✔
UBER   Universal Binding Energy Relation✔
USSR    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics✔
UTI   Urinary Tract Infection✔
UBB  Uniform Balance Book✔
UBD   Urban Banks Department✔
UBI    United Bank of India✔
UBIN   Unique Business Identification Number✔
UCB   Urban Cooperative Bank.✔
UCN   Uniform Code Number✔
UAN    Universal Account Number✔
UEBA   Universal Electronic Bank Account.✔
UIC  Unique Identification Code✔
UIDAI   Unique Identification Authority of India✔
UPIN    Unique Property Identification Numbers.✔
USB   Ultra Small Branch.✔
USD   United States Dollar.✔
UHF   Ultra High Frequency✔
UV  Ultraviolet✔
UP  United Province, Uttar Pradesh✔
UMTS  Universal Mobile Telecommunication System✔
UPDATE   Up-To-Date✔
UF  Ultrafiltration✔
UML  Unified Modeling Language✔
UV  Ultraviolet✔
UI  User Interafce✔
UL  Upload✔
UX   User Experience✔
UIDAI   Unique Identification Authority of India✔
UPI     Unified Payment Interface✔
UPSC    Union Public Service Commission✔
USSD    Unstructured Supplementary Service Data✔
UART    Universal Asynchronous Receiver Or Transmitter✔
USB    Universal Serial Bus✔
UTP    Unshieled Twisted Pair✔
ULSI    Ultra Large Scale Integration✔
UNIVAC  Universal Automatic Computer✔
UR   Unreserved✔
UDF     User Defined Functions Or Universal Disk Format Or Universal Data Format✔
UDMA   Ultra Direct Memory Access✔
UDP   User Datagram Protocol✔
UL  Underwriter’s Laboratory✔
UNC  Universal Naming Convention✔
UPS   Uninterruptible Power Supply✔
URL   Uniform Resource Locator✔
USMT   User State Migration Tool✔
UTP    Unshielded Twisted Pair✔
UXGA  Ultra Extended Graphics Array✔
UEFA    Union of European Football Associations✔
USFDA   United States Food and Drug Administration✔
UE  United Electric✔
UCO    United Commercial✔
UID    User Identifier/Unique Identification (internet- intranet- and server login accesses)✔
UNIX   Uniplexed Information and Computing Service✔
UNICEF  United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund✔
UASC  United Arab Shipping Company✔
UTI    Unit Trust of India, urinary tract infection✔
UDAI   Unique Identification Authority of India ✔

'V' Full Forms

VAT   Value Added Tax✔
VFX   Visual Effects✔
VISA   Visitors International Stay Admission✔
VDP  Visual Descent Point✔
VH   Visually Handicapped✔
VPS    Virtual Private Server✔
V   Volts, Victory, Roman Figure 5✔
v   very, volume✔
Vs  versus✔
vb   verb✔
vid  vide✔
VOLTE  Voice over Long Term Evolution✔
VTU   Visvesvaraya Technological University✔
VCFs  Venture Capital Funds✔
VCP   Village Credit Plan✔
VDBS   Vertically Differentiated Banking System.✔
VPA   Virtual Payment Address✔
VRS    Voluntary Retirement Scheme✔
VUB   Vseobecmi Uverova Banka✔
VHF  Very High Frequency✔
VDB   Ventilated Disc Brake✔
VGT   Variable Geometry Turbocharger✔
VNT  Variable Nozzle Turbine✔
VTVT   Variable Timing Valve Train✔
veg   vegetable(s)✔
vel   velocity✔
vocab  vocabulary✔
vol   volume✔
VVTI   Variable Valve Timing with intelligence✔
VHSIC  Very High Speed Integrated Circuit✔
VIP   Vines Internet Protocol✔
VPI   Virtual Path Identifier✔
VAT  Value Added Tax✔
VIRUS  Vital Information Resources Under Seize✔
VLC   VideoLAN Client✔
VCD  Video CD✔
VPN  Virtual Private Network✔
VP  Vice President✔
VDU Visual Display Unit✔
VLSI   Very Large Scale Integration✔
VSNL   Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd✔
VESA   Video Electronics Standards Association✔
VFAT   Virtual File Allocation Table✔
VGA   Video Graphics Array✔
VoIP   Voice Over Internet Protocol✔
VRAM   Video Random Access Memory✔
VLAN  virtual local area network✔
VTP   VLAN Trunking Protocol✔
VDO   Village Development Officer✔
VD   venereal disease✔
VMT   Very Many Thanks✔
VLSM   Variable-Length Subnet Masking✔
VIVO   Video In Video Out✔
VPP    Value payable by post✔

'W' Full Forms

WBC  White Blood Cell✔
WEF  World Economic Forum✔
WIPO  World Intellectual Property Organization✔
WWE  World Wrestling Entertainment✔
WWF  World Wide Fund for Nature, World Wrestling Federation✔
WFM  Works for Me✔
WRT   With Regard to✔
WTH  What the Hell✔
WD  Western Digital✔
WC  Welcome✔
WIPRO  Western India Product Limited.✔
WAN   Wide Area Network✔
WBCIS   Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme.✔
WCDL   Working Capital Demand Loan✔
WCTL    Working Capital Term Loan✔
WL ATM White Label ATM.✔
WMA   Ways and Means Advances✔
WOS   Wholly Owned Subsidiary✔
WPI   Wholesale Price Index✔
WAV    Waveform Audio✔
WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image✔
WIN   Windows✔
WLAN   Wireless Local Area Network✔
WMA   Windows Media Audio✔
WML  Wireless Markup Language✔
WGT  Waste Gas Turbocharger✔
WPA  Wi-Fi Protected Access✔
WIFI   Wireless Fidelity✔
WIN7  Windows 7✔
WINXP  Windows XP✔
WIN8  Windows 8✔
WIN10  Windws 10✔
WMP    Windows Media Player✔
WMV   Windows Media Video✔
WAN    Wide Area Network✔
WTB   Want To Buy✔
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get✔
WORM    Write Once Read Many✔
WWW  World Wide Web✔
WAP     Wireless Application Protocol✔
WEP    Wired Equivalent Privacy✔
WINS    Windows Internet Name Service✔
WLAN   Wireless Local Area Network✔
WPA    Wireless Protected Access✔
WUXGA   Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array✔
WAPDA   Water and Power Development Authority✔
WLRO    Worldwide Local Radio Online✔
WAS    WebSphere Application Server✔
W3C    World Wide Web consortium✔
WHO   World Health Organisation✔
WTO    World Trade Organization✔
WI   West Indies✔
WR    Western Railway✔
WIG   Wing In-Ground✔
WNS   World Network Services✔
W   West(ern), Watt(s)✔
w    wife, with, wicket, wide, week✔
Wed  Wednesday✔
wef   with effect from✔
wpm   words per minute✔
wt   weight✔

'X' Full Forms

XML  Extensible Markup Language✔
XMPP   Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol✔
XMF  Extensible Music File✔
XGA   Extended Graphics Array✔
XMS  Extended Memory Specification✔
XT  Extended Technology✔
X-RAY   X-radiation✔
XXL  Double Extra Large✔
X   numeral for ten✔
Xmas  Christmas✔

'Y' Full Forms

YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle, Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle✔
YAM   Yet Another Meeting✔
YMMD  You made my Day✔
YTM    Yield to Maturity✔
YB   Yotta Byte✔
YiB   Yobi Byte✔
YUM   Yellowdog Updater Modified✔
YMAIL  Yahoo Mail✔
YCMOU  Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University✔
YMCA   Young Men's Christian Association✔
YWCA   Young Women's Christian Association✔
Y  Yen✔
yr  year(s)✔
yd  yard(s)✔

'Z' Full Forms

ZMS   Zhone Management System✔
ZB   Zetta Byte✔
ZiB   Zebi Byte✔
ZIF  Zero-Insertion-Force✔
ZIP    Zigzag Inline Package✔
ZP   Zila Panchayat, Zila Parishad✔
Zim   Zimbabwe✔
Zn   Zinc✔
Zool   Zoology✔


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