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Dear Mates, Welcome to FullFormsDetailed. WiFi Full Form. WiFi is the name that we see in almost all places like bus stop, railway station, airport etc. WiFi is one of the most important technological developments of the modern era. We will also be using WiFi on our smartphone. But today we are going to get a deeper understanding of it. So mates lets start WiFi full form in details.

WiFi Full Form
WiFi Full Form

Introduction of WiFi

Who is the inventor of WiFi?
Dr. O'Sullivan

How did WiFi get invented?
WiFi was designed and first discharged for buyers in 1997, when a panel called 802.11 was made. This lead to the making of IEEE802. 11, which alludes to a lot of gauges that characterize correspondence for remote neighborhood (WLANs).

Who owns the WiFi trademark?
The WiFi Alliance owns the WiFi trademark

What is WiFi and how does it work?

WiFi is a remote systems administration convention that permits gadgets to impart without direct link associations. It's likewise at times spelled as wifi, Wifi, WIFI, or WiFi, however none of these are authoritatively endorsed by the WiFi Alliance. WiFi works off of a similar head as different remote gadgets - it utilizes radio frequencies to impart signs between gadgets. What's more, to get the data found in these waves, your radio beneficiary should be set to get influxes of a specific recurrence. For WiFi this recurrence happens to be 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WiFi?

Advantages of WiFi
➤ Convenience 
➤ Mobility
➤ Productivity
➤ Deployment
➤ Expandability
➤ Cost.

Disadvantage of WiFi
➤ Data exchange rate diminishes when number of customers or PCs associated with wifi organize increments.
➤ Full security is hard to accomplish because of wireless association being remote in nature.

WiFi adapter for PC

What is a PC WiFi adapter?
A gadget that adds remote availability to a PC or work station. The entirety of the connectors beneath are accessible as outside USB modules just as PCI or PCI Express (PCIe) cards that plug into an unfilled space on the motherboard.

Do you need a WiFi adapter for PC?
To associate your versatile or work area PC to your remote system, the PC must have a remote system connector. Most PC's, tablets & some work area PC's accompany a remote system connector previously introduced.

Which WiFi adapter is best for PC?
→ Edimax Wireless 802.11 BGN Nano USB Adapter
→ TP-Link N150 USB WiFi Adapter with SoftAP Mode
→ ASUS USB-AC68 Dual-Band AC1900 USB 3.0 WiFi Adapter
→ Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless
→ ASUS USB-AC68 Dual-Band AC1900 USB 3.0 WiFi Adapter
→ TP-Link N900 Wireless Dual Band PCI-Express Adapter
→ Netgear N300 Wireless Mini USB Adapter
→ T P-Link 300Mbps Mini Wireless N - USB Adapter
→ USB Wireless WiFi Adapter 300Mbps, Mini WiFi Adapter bye NET-DYN
→T P-Link N300 Wireless High Gain USB Adapter
→ TP-Link TL-WN821N 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter
→ TP-Link N150 Wireless High Gain USB Adapter
→ D-Link Wireless N-150 Mbps Desktop Wi-Fi PCIPCIe Network Adapter
→ Cisco Valet AM10 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless LAN USB 2.0 Adapter
→ NETGEAR WN511B RangeMax Wireless-N Notebook Adapter

What is difference between WiFi and broadband?

WiFi offers fast web and the capacity to interface different gadgets in a flash and openly, while Broadband is a wired association implying that your framework must be truly associated with the broadband link.

WiFi Connection

How can we get a WiFi connection at home?
a. Buy a wireless router. The 1st step to enabling Wi-Fi at home is to get a wireless router if we don't have one already.
b. Connect our wireless router
c. Configure our wireless network
d. Finally, Its Connect.

Which WiFi connection is best?
1. Airtel Broadband Plans
2. Excitel Broadband Plans
3. MTNL Broadband Plans
4. SITI Cable Broadband Plans
5. Spectra Broadband Plans
6. BSNL Broadband Plans
7. Gigatel Broadband Plans
8. ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans
9. Hathway Broadband Plans.

What are 3 types of WiFi connections?
WAN, LAN and PAN: Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN): WWANs are made using cell phone flags normally gave and kept up by explicit cell phone (cell) specialist co-ops.

How can we connect to WiFi?
a) Open our phone's Settings app.
b) Tap Network & internet. Wi-Fi.
c) Turn on Use Wi-Fi.
d) Tap a listed network. If it needs a password, you'll see the Lock.

How can we get free WiFi connection?
A. To share our Smartphone's Internet Connection
B. Use a Hotspot Database Application
C. Buy the Portable Router
D. Visit Popular WiFi Hotspot Locations
E. Look for Hidden WiFi Networks.

WiFi dongle for PC

Rextan Wi-Fi Receiver 300Mbps, 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0 Wireless Mini Wi-Fi Network Adapter for Windows Pcs and Laptops.

Which WiFi dongle is best?
Airtel 4G portable Wifi Hotspot
Speed:-   100MBPS
Max No. of device Connectivity: - 10 devices
Battery:-   1800MAH

Jio-Fi Portable Hotspot
Speed:-   150MBPS
Max No. of device Connectivity: - 10 devices
Battery:-   2300MAH

Huawei E8372 Unlocked 4G/LTE WiFI wingle
Speed:-   150MBPS
Max No. of device Connectivity: - 10 devices
Battery:-   3000MAH

Reliance WiFi Portable Hotspot
Speed:-   150MBPS
Max No. of device Connectivity:-  5 devices
Battery:-   2600MAH

How can we install a WiFi dongle?
a. Install the supplied software & drivers onto our computer.
b. Connect to the USB dongle into a free USB port.
c. From a dongle software, perform a scan for all access points in the area.
d. Try to connect to the router.
e. We will be asked for a security key.

What is a WiFi driver?

Remote and system drivers are programming programs introduced on your hard plate that permit your working framework to speak with your remote and system connectors. Remote and system driver issues for the most part happen because of missing, obsolete, or degenerate drivers.

WiFi Extension 

A Range Extender, WiFi Booster or WiFi Extender is a gadget that rehashes the remote sign from your switch to grow its inclusion. It works as an extension, catching the WiFi from your switch and rebroadcasting it to zones where the WiFi is powerless or nonexistent, improving the exhibition of your home Wifi.

What is a WiFi Gateway?

A WiFi gateway routes bundles from a remote LAN to another system, wired or remote WAN. It might be executed as programming or equipment or mix of both. Remote portals join the elements of a remote passage, a switch, and regularly give firewall works also.

WiFi Hotspot 

A WiFi hotspot is basically a territory with an available remote system. The term is frequently used to allude to remote systems in open regions like air terminals and coffeehouses. ... You can even make your own versatile hotspot utilizing a PDA or an outer gadget that can interface with a cell arrange.

How can we get free WiFi hotspot?
A. Download & install Connectify Hotspot
B. Give our hotspot a name (SSID) & a password
C. Press the "Start Hotspot" button to share our Internet connection
D. Connect our devices to our Hotspot.

What is the best applications for WiFi hotspot?
1) PdaNet+ is one of the best and most rated Hotspot apps on the Google Play Store
2) FoxFi {WiFi Tether without Root}
3) Portable Hotspot {WiFi Tether for Android}
4) WiFi Hotspot Master {Powerful Mobile Hotspot}.

WiFi IP address

Initially, you have to get to your WiFi switch by finding the IP address of your switch. More often than not it is either 192.168. 0.1 or 192.168. 1.1.

Does WiFi have an IP address? 
There are two IP address appointed to every gadget on a Wi-Fi organize. An Internal {Private} & an External {Public} IP address. Despite the fact that the Public IP is same for all gadget on same WiFi, you can sidestep it and get another IP with the assistance of a VPN.

What if our WiFi isn't working?

1) Unplug our remote switch and modem from power source (expel the battery if your modem has a battery reinforcement).
2) Wait for in any event 30 seconds.
3) Plug your remote switch and modem once more into the force source once more (set the battery back to the modem).
4) On your gadget, reconnect to your WiFi organize.

Jio WiFi

Jio Home Gateway supports WiFi. If you have decided on a Home Gateway under JioFiber administration that doesn't bolster WiFi, at that point you should include your own (upheld) WiFi Home Gateway to utilize WiFi. JioFiber broadband web is fit for supporting WiFi.

Is Jio WiFi free?
The Jio wifi hotspots are as of now allowed to utilize. On the off chance that a Jio client utilizes wifi, the heap on the system descends," said a subsequent organization source. Jio has an optic fiber backhaul system of 300,000 km, the biggest among Indian telcos.

Which Jio WiFi is best?
Here top 5 Reliance Jio Plans For JioFi WiFi 4G Hotspot Router
Plan Cost
Validity Period
Rs. 251/-
51 Days
Rs. 299/-
3GB/Day - 84GB
28 Days
Unlimited Jio To Jio
100 SMS/Day
Rs. 498/-
2GB/Day - 182GB
91 Days
Unlimited Jio To Jio
100 SMS/Day
Rs. 509/-
4GB/Day - 112GB
28 Days
Unlimited Jio To Jio
100 SMS/Day
Rs. 799/-
5GB/Day - 140GB
28 Days
Unlimited Jio To Jio
100 SMS/Day

WiFi Modem

What is a WiFi modem?
A WiFi modem is a solitary gadget that joins the usefulness of a modem and a switch, making it a one-stop look for Internet availability. A WiFi modem is a solitary joined gadget that interprets Internet information bundles by means of the modem and sends it through remotely to gadgets in your home by means of the switch

Which WiFi modem is best?
a. NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 - AC1900 Dual-Band Router
b. D-Link DIR 890L - Best Range Wireless Router
c. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 - Expensive yet Powerful
d. Amped Wirelss - RTA2600 Athena
e. Linksys WRT1900 AC - Best DD-WRT WiFi Router
f. TP-Link Archer C7 - Best Budget Wireless Router 2020 (Under 100 Bucks).

Do you need a modem for WiFi?
To set up WiFi in your home, all you need is either a modem associated with a remote switch, or a remote door, which is a modem and remote switch in one(1) unit {see What is a Wireless Gateway for more data}.

Funny WiFi Names

1) Making Wifi Great Again
2) FBI Surveillance Van 
3) Nacho WiFi
4) It Burns When IP
5) LAN Solo
6) Stop Being A Mooch
7) Bill Wi, the Science Fi
8) Girls Gone Wireless
9) New England Clam Router

WiFi Password

How do we find our WiFi name and password?
A. Make sure we are connected to our WiFi network.
B. In the taskbar, right click/tap the WiFi icon & then select/choose Open Network & Sharing Center.
C. Next to Connections, select/choose our WiFi network name.
D. Select/Choose Wireless Properties.
E. Select/Choose the Security tab.
F. Select/Choose Show Characters.

How do we setup a password for our WiFi?
1. Log in to our wireless router
2. Select/Choose the Wireless Security settings tab
3. Open the section for Passwords
4. Choose/Select WPA2 & AES for encryption settings.
5. Enter a new password & click/tap on Save or Apply.

WiFi Router

What is in a WiFi router?
A WiFi router otherwise called a WiFi center, is the little electronic gadget provided by your network access supplier that permits you to interface with the web. It associates with your home broadband line and sends information from the web link to your WiFi associated gadgets.

Which WiFi router is best?
A. TP-Link Talon AD7200 - Latest Technology
B. Google WiFi - Best Range covering Wifi System
C. ASUS RT-AC88U - The Gamers Choice
D. NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 - AC1900 Dual-Band Router
E. D-Link DIR 890L - Best Range Wireless Router
F. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 - Expensive yet Powerful
G. Amped Wirelss RTA2600 Athena.

What is the price of WiFi router?
Connectivity Type          Min Price         Max Price
a. Wireless or Wi-Fi Rs. 600/Piece  Rs. 5750/Piece
b. Wired                         Rs. 900/Piece  Rs. 2000/Piece

More details

What is the difference between a Router and WiFi?
WiFi routers are gadgets that play out similar elements of an ordinary switch just remotely. They forward information parcels along systems and they associate various systems and go about as a portal. Wifi routers can associate two LANS or WANs, LAN and WAN, or LAN and the web.

WiFi Speed 

For home systems, you'll see web speeds that extend from 1 Mbps to around 500 Mbps. Ethernet links bolster either 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps. Most Wi-Fi switch (802.11g) are equipped for at any rate 54 Mbps speeds.

What is the latest version of WiFi?

A. Wi-Fi 4 is 802.11n, released in year 2009.
B. Wi-Fi 5 is 802.11ac, released in year 2014.
C. Wi-Fi 6 is the new version, also known as 802.11ax. It's scheduled for release in year 2019.

Can we see WiFi History?

WiFi providers can see your perusing history, each site page you have been visiting while associated with their WiFi arrange. The traffic is scrambled, so the WiFi administrators can't see the pages substance however WiFi supplier can at present observe your perusing history and all the pages you have been perusing.

What is difference between WiFi and Internet?

WiFi is a radio sign that consistently communicates out to your gadgets. For whatever length of time that your gadget can get that radio sign, and the Internet is on its opposite side, your gadget can interface with the Internet. Be that as it may, that radio sign will in any case be there regardless of whether there is no Internet association on the opposite end.


Mates, In this blog article, we have come to know that WiFi full form & this article, we have given you complete information about WiFi. I hope you have got the information about WiFi. So, if you have any queries or questions related to this article, then comment us on below. Our team will surely help you. And many thanks for reading this article, have a nice day.

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