BBA Full Form

Bachelor of Business Administration

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BBA Full Form
BBA Full Form

What is BBA course? 

BBA represents Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a Bachelor's Degree course that centers around the executives and organization contemplates. It is an undergrad level course. BBA is a general administration course. By and large, the course doesn't concentrate on a particular order or sub-field inside the field of the board.

BBA Scope 

BBA graduates can search for occupations in deals and showcasing branch of organizations as individuals from deals groups or as the board learners. Subsequent to finishing a BBA, understudies ought to consider expanding their perspective so as to fit the bill for top official positions and advancements.

BBA Course Fees

➛ Course Level
➛ Undergraduate
➛ Duration
➛ 3 years
➛ Examination type
➛ Semester
➛ Eligibility
➛ 10+2 from a recognized educational board
➛ Admission Process
➛ Entrance exam based
➛ Course Fee
➛ INR 1 to 2.5 Lakhs
➛ Average Salary
➛ INR 4.29 Lakhs
➛ Top Recruiting Companies
➛ EY, HP, ICICI Bank, Microsoft, Mc Kinsey & Company, IBM, Sony, Deloitte, Nokia etc.
➛ Job Positions
➛ Financial Analyst, Business Development Executive, Project Manager (IT), Data Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Operations team leader, SAP Consultant etc.

BBA Course Syllabus

๐Ÿ”ผ BBA Subjects & BBA Syllabus - 1st Semester
๐Ÿ”ผ BBA Subjects & BBA Syllabus -    2nd Semester
➹ Human Resource Management I
➹ Effective Communication I
➹ Principles Of Management I
➹ Managerial Economics I
➹ Financial Accounting
➹ Business Law I
➹ Quantitative Methods I
➹ Principles of Management II
➹ Computer Applications
➹ Management Accounting I

๐Ÿ”ผ BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus - 3rd Semester
๐Ÿ”ผ BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus -  4th Semester
➹ Business Law II
➹ Quantitative Methods in Business II
➹ Management Accounting II
➹ Managerial Economics II
➹ Business Environment
➹ Financial Management I
➹ Family Business Management
➹ Effective Communication II
➹ Project Work
➹ Human Resource Management II

๐Ÿ”ฝ BBA Subjects & BBA Syllabus - 5th Semester
๐Ÿ”ผ BBA Subjects & BBA Syllabus -      6th Semester
➹ BBA Course Subjects of Study
➹ BBA Course Subjects of Study
➹ Operations Management
➹ Environment Management
➹ Marketing Management
➹ International Marketing
➹ Direct Taxes
➹ Export/Import Management
➹ Indirect Taxes
➹ Public Relations Management
➹ Research Methodology in Management
➹ Project Management

๐Ÿ”—BBA Colleges

BBA Eligibility

➤ Applicants who have finished their Class XII (10+2 level) in any stream from a perceived instructive board or college can seek after BBA.
➤ The competitors more likely than not achieved a total score of half or more in Class XII.
➤ If In case a applicants has showed up for Class XII test and is sitting tight for the outcome, s/he can likewise apply to the course.

BBA Specializations

a. BBA Finance
b. BBA in Banking & Insurance
c. BBA Information Technology
d. BBA Human Resource
e. BBA Marketing
f. BBA Communication & Media Management
g. BBA Foreign Trade
h. BBA Hospitality & Hotel Management
i. BBA Hospital & Healthcare Management

BBA Advantages and Disadvantages 

The Advantages are that you are had some expertise in business organization and the executives. Organizations now a days search for such individuals as they are acceptable Marketers or Human Resource Managers. The Disadvantage is that the individuals doing BBA don't have a variety of choices which are open for the understudy who picked.

BBA Jobs 

On fulfillment of BBA, wannabes for the most part decide on MBA. In any case, up-and-comers can likewise decide to investigate openings for work in different fields like banking, urban framework and land the board, business consultancies, promoting, producing and in Government parts to give some examples. Some significant activity profiles one can pick after finishing of BBA are as per the following:

➥ Human Resource Executive:-
The duty of a Human Resource Executive (HR Executive) incorporates guaranteeing that the methodologies, procedure and HR programs are controlled and the goals of the association are in consistence with capable benchmarks, state and government regulatory essentials and laws. Likewise, arranging, exhorting on HR techniques and regulating human resource exercises like enlistment and pay is the key obligation of a HR Manager. The normal compensation of Human Resource Manager is Rs 4 lakh and upwards

➥ Marketing Executive:-
A Marketing Executive creates official explanations and is answerable for advancement for the association's items, leading and examining a serious research, and building up targets, desires and results for promoting programs. The normal pay of Marketing Executive is Rs 3 lakh and upwards

➥ Marketing Manager:-
A Marketing Manager teams up with item chiefs and targets executing new/altered projects for the foundation of improved procedures. Creating statistical surveying contemplates and examine their discovering, utilizing showcasing programs and crusades for the association's items and administrations are the obligations of a Marketing Manager. The normal pay of a Marketing Manager is Rs 4.5 lakh and upwards

➥ Sales Executive:-
The Sales Executive is required to plan and actualize methodologies to build organization deals income and extend the organization's base in the market. The normal compensation of a Sales Executive is Rs 3 lakh and upwards.

➥ Research & Development (R&D) Executive:-
A R&D Manager coordinates and deals with the advancement and research projects of an association so as to address the issues of the association. Estimating the extent of research ventures and ensuring that they are conveyed on time inside the specified financial plan is the job of a R&D Manager. The normal pay of a Sales Executive is Rs 2 lakh and upwards.

๐Ÿ”—BBA Jobs

What is BBA Salary?

The pay for new alumni after BBA can run from 2-3 lakhs yearly however it can climb in the long run.

BBA Top Recruiters

1) Hewlett-Packard
2) ICICI Bank
3) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
4) Microsoft
5) Mc Kinsey & Company
6) Deloitte
7) Sony
8) Hindustan Unilever
9) International Business Machines (IBM) Corp
10) Ernst & Young (EY)

What is BBA MBA? 

A MBA is an ace of business organization degree, and a BBA is a lone wolf of business organization degree. They are two unique and particular degrees of instruction. The BBA is a four-year college degree, while the MBA is a propelled degree that you win in the wake of finishing a four year college education.


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