ETC Full Form

Et cetera (End of Thinking Capacity)

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ETC Full Form
ETC Full Form

What does ETC abbreviation mean?

ETC is a abbreviation et cetera and is characterized as significance, etc. An example  of the uses and etc is in the sentence, 'Kindly buy some organic product, for example, apples, oranges, and etc.,' which signifies 'Please buy some natural product, for example, apples, oranges and then some.'

How is etc used? OR ETC punctuation

Generally, in American English, if 'etc.' is utilized in a sentence, it is trailed by a comma. {Tennis, soccer, baseball and etc., are outside games.} However, in the event that this word shows up toward the finish of a sentence, at that point the period (which is a piece of 'etc') fills in as the last punctuation mark. 

Which is correct ECT or etc?

The Latin term et cetera ('and the rest') is typically composed as two words in Canadian English. Notwithstanding, the single word spelling etcetera is likewise right. The shortening for this term is and so on. (Note that the c comes last; the incorrect spelling ect. is a typical mistake.) 

Other ETC Full Forms 

a. Electronic Toll Collection
b. Evil Type Correction
c. Experiment Test Cycle
d. Earth Terrain Camera
e. Estimated Time of Completion
f. Exchange-Traded Commodity

How is etc pronounced?

It's pronounced 'et-cetera,' (with a T sound) not 'ex-cetera' (with a X sound). Truth be told, it originates from Latin and was initially composed at two words: et and cetera, which means and the others. 

What is ETC in banking? 

Bank Affiliate Export Trading Company 
An organization, possessed by a bank, that directs the exportation procedure for customers. Since they are claimed by banks, they might have the option to help with financing more effectively than different organizations. Likewise with other fare exchanging organizations, they charge expenses or commissions for their administrations. 

Etc Synonym

In this page you can find 12 equivalents, antonyms, informal articulations, and related words for et cetera., like: and so forth, etc, etc, and others, et al., without any end in sight, and all the rest, und so weiter (German), alongside others, and-all and so forth. 

What is ETC Cryptocurrency? 

Ethereum Classic's local Ether token is a cryptographic money exchanged on advanced cash trades under the ticker image ETC. 

What is another word for etc?

etc, etcetera, and so forth.(Adverb) proceeding similarly. Equivalent words: etcetera, so on and so forth.

What does ETC mean in a text message?

ETC means 'Et Cetera {and so on}' in a text message.

Can we use etc after example?

Try not to utilize and so forth with a 'list' that gives just a single model; there ought to be in any event two things recorded. Since cetera signifies 'other things,' and so forth.


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