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Dear Mates, welcome to FullFormsDetailed. Today's topic OTP Full Form. Mates, do you know the security of ordinary people like us matters a lot in the digital world. That is why a code was required for every time online transaction {Online Transaction} or online activity which is different, today we got the OTP Verification Code as a solution. We can say that OTP is a code by which our online activities are protected today. You must have seen many times whenever we apply for payment at the time of an online transaction or shopping, then the details given by us like - ATM card, an OTP box is opened after net banking, after that a few digits The Verification Code comes on our registered mobile number and as soon as we enter that code. Our transaction is complete. OTP number or code on our registered phone number is received by message. We have to type this OTP code in the OTP box only when our transaction is complete. So let's know more in detail about OTP,  How does OTP works? and what it is used for. So lets start OTP full form.

OTP Full Form
OTP Full Form

What does OTP mean in banking?

A one-time password (OTP), otherwise called one-time pin or dynamic secret phrase, is a secret phrase that is substantial for only one login meeting or exchange, on a PC framework or other advanced gadget.

When was OTP introduced India?

This extra factor of validation will shield Canara Bank card holders from unapproved ATM money withdrawals. Presented on August 15, 2019, the OTP-based money withdrawal framework is currently dynamic over all Canara Bank ATMs.

How does OTP works?

One-Time Password (OTP) is an innovative component through which a solitary use secret word is created and sent to the enlisted versatile number for the client to get to the site. It is otherwise called two-factor validation. OTP loans an extra layer of security to ensure the advanced character of the end clients.

OTP Password Example 

Presentation. Generally, two-factor validation utilizes a one-time secret key (OTP), which joins something the client knows (a username and secret word) and something the client has (ordinarily, a token or key coxcomb that creates a six-digit number, substantial just for a brief timeframe and accessible on request).

OTP Types

OTP tokens come in two(2) Types/kinds:- event-based (HOTP) and time-based (TOTP). Event based OTP tokens produce new codes at the press of the catch and the time-based code is substantial until it is utilized by the application.

OTP Advantages and Disadvantages 

OTP Advantages 
An OTP is more secure than a static secret key, particularly a client made secret key, which can be powerless and additionally reused over various records. OTPs may supplant confirmation login data or might be utilized notwithstanding it so as to include another layer of security.

OTP Disadvantages 
The greatest inconvenience of utilizing OTP as a strategy to confirm the realness of an individual is that OTP could likewise be effectively taken (although its difficult to do as such) yet at the same time. For instance: I can in any case peep into my mother's cell phone to discover the OTP for any exchange on the web (with/without) her assent.

What is OTP Verification?

OTP (One Time Password) Generation and Verification Solution. A one-time secret word (OTP) is a naturally created numeric or alphanumeric series of characters that confirms the client for a solitary exchange or meeting. This is utilized by numerous online stages to approve client exchanges and character.

What is the use of OTP?

OTP is a series of characters or numbers naturally produced to be utilized for one single login endeavor. OTP, One Time Passwords in full, can be sent to the client's telephone by means of SMS or Push informing and is utilized to secure online administrations, private qualifications and information. This 'something' can be the client's telephone.

How can we get OTP?

We safe OTP through SMS

1st OTP will be sent to the Mobile Number registered in our account.
2nd Enter this OTP on the 'One Time Password Authentication' page.
3rd If we do not receive the OTP, even if our mobile number is updated, we can send a request to receive the OTP.


A one-time password (OTP) is a naturally produced numeric or alphanumeric series of characters. It is utilized to confirm and check clients before an exchange or a meeting in an application/site. Utilized by organizations to guarantee a safe client stream, an OTP SMS specialist co-op guarantees convenient conveyance of these messages.

OTP Code 

OTP is a six-digit numerical code sent progressively as SMS to your enlisted versatile number while playing out the exchange. OTP is obligatory for approving the accompanying exchanges: Registration of recipient financial balances of different banks.

OTP App 

How OTP Applications are organized. OTP, the system that gives measures to help fabricate Erlang applications, utilizes applications to bundle code into units or parts. This show helps organizing your code into consistent gatherings of modules and an approach to begin and stop the application's chiefs.

Voice Calling OTP 

Voice OTP is utilized to check a mobile number. This confirmation is finished by making a call to the portable number and playing an arrangement of digits. So as to check the versatile number the client needs to affirm the played succession of digits. Voice OTP is usually used to check new client enrollments in an application or site.

Email OTP 

The Email OTP strategy empowers you to validate utilizing the one-time secret word (OTP) that is sent to the enrolled email address. At the point when you attempt to verify on any gadget, the server sends an email to the enlisted email address with the OTP. You can utilize this OTP for single confirmation inside a brief time frame outline.

Free OTP Generator Online 

FreeOTP is a two-factor verification application for frameworks using one-time secret key. If you have to produce a QR code, attempt our QR code generator.
Click here

What happens if we share OTP?

The exchange is confirmed by utilizing the OTP which implies you can effectively make installment or move cash on the web. Insurance: Never share your OTP with anybody. In the event that you get an OTP for an exchange that was not started by you, at that point promptly contact the bank or card guarantor.

What is OTP Authentication? Or OTP Security

A one-time password (OTP) is a consequently produced numeric or alphanumeric series of characters that validates the client for a solitary exchange or login meeting. An OTP is more secure than a static secret word, particularly a client made secret phrase, which can be powerless as well as reused over various records.


Mates, OTP is a great solution to secure your online transactions and protect the company from cyber crime. Hopefully, the information given by us about OTP will be useful for you. If you have some questions in this article, you can ask us by comment. And if you liked this article OTP full form, then please share it as much as possible.

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