ECS Full Form

Electronic Clearing Service

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ECS Full Form
ECS Full Form

History/Introduction of ECS 

ECS was presented by the Reserve Bank of India to give a quicker method to repeating and monotonous installments. The ECS office was tentatively dispatched on 9 August 2003 in Mumbai City by the Department of Posts (DoP), otherwise called India Post. Later this plan was presented by the RBI the nation over to decrease the heap on individuals and banks and to make Repetitive and Periodic installments basic and quick. Directly this office under Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is working at 15 unique habitats the nation over where RBI deals with its ECS Clearing Houses. Simultaneously, there are 21 focuses of SBI and 29 focuses of PNB and different banks which deal with the office of ECS on the lines of RBI. ECS or electronic clearing administrations is really an advanced method of sending cash starting with one financial balance then onto the next. As indicated by a report by Credit Suisse, the quantity of advanced installments in the nation will cross one trillion dollars by 2023. In the event that we talk about this till May of this current year, as indicated by the Reserve Bank, the versatile exchange figure had crossed Rs 14,170 crore. In the event that similar movement of portable installments is kept up, at that point it will demonstrate more supportive in advancing installment frameworks like ECS. 

What is ECS payment and how it works? Or ECS Meaning

ECS is a method of electronic reserve move starting with one ledger then onto the next utilizing the administrations of a clearing house. It is regularly utilized for mass or redundant exchanges. While ECS (credit) is utilized by establishments for dispersing profit, pay or benefits, ECS (charge) is utilized by people. 

ECS Types 

A. ECS Credit

ECS credit is really a technique for storing reserves electronically in your ledger by an organization. This is an advanced method to get your pay, profit and so on from speculation. 

B. ECS Debit 

ECS debit really gives you opportunity from the wreck of numerous checks and so forth. At the point when you take an advance, your regularly scheduled payment experiences your ledger through ECS charge. In this, make sure to move cash on schedule and because of any slip-up on the check, the chance of installment disappointment and punishment is dispensed with. 

How to setup ECS from our bank account?

➤If you additionally need to profit ECS installment office from your ledger, at that point you should initially educate your bank. Your bank will give you an ECS order structure for this. It is through this structure that you command ECS credit/charge to the bank. 

➤In this, you need to give your financial balance office and other significant data identified with the record. You can give guidelines about the greatest measure of ECS while filling this structure. 

➤When the ECS administration is begun, at whatever point you get cash from your ledger or any sum will come in it, you will get data about it through SMS. 

Are there any fees for ECS transactions?

As per banking controller RBI, no expenses have been saved for ECS. Commonly banks can charge 25 paise or 50 paise per exchange as indicated by the clearing house. 

Does ECS also have a stop payment option?

If you need to stop any of your installments, at that point you can illuminate the bank about it. For this, the bank needs to give data soon. Banks invest energy in this cycle, as indicated by this, you should give this data ahead of time to the bank. 

Benefits of ECS

1. Bills are paid on time with this administration. 

2. This administration ought to permit clients to take care of their necessary utility tabs like power charge, versatile bill, phone bill and so forth. 

3. This administration additionally permits clients to pay shared assets, protection expenses, Mastercard installments, credit portions, and so forth. 

4. This administration makes consumer loyalty more significant 

5. No late installment is charged from this administration.

6. The utilization of paper has decreased to a base with this administration.


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