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Dear Mates, welcome to FullFormsDetailed. What is FAU-G Full Form? This question must have come to your mind because recently the Government of India has banned the PUBG Mobile Game and after that Akshay Kumar has launched the post of FAU-G Game, this game is an action game in which you can enjoy gaming just like PUBG. This game has been made by the nCore Games company of India. Due to which PUBG Game lover FAU-G Game Waiting eagerly and also want to know what is FAU-G Full Form. To know FAU-G Game Full Form and to know what FAU-G is, then read this article, let's know in details.

FAU-G Full Form
FAU-G Full Form

What is FAU-G?

FAU-G is a Royal Battle Mobile Game which is an option to the as of late reported PUBG Game by the Government of India. This is a First Person Shooter Game, which can be played in Single and Multiplayer Modes. FAU-G Game is made by Indian Game Developer Company "nCore Games" settled in Bangalore and the banner of FAU-G Game has been dispatched by Akshay Kumar and furthermore Akshay Kumar has expressed that 20% of the profit from FAU-G Game will be given to Veer Trust of India. 

When will the FAU-G Game launch?

The FAU-G Game will be dispatched before the finish of October 2020 and it is normal that this PUBG Game sweetheart will pull in the client particularly towards him. 

Why is the FAU-G Game being made?

1st Because of the boundary of the Indo-China fringe, around 118 Chinese apk was prohibited in India. Of which bar G ought to likewise stay one. Because of the closure of PUB-G in India, their impact showed up on the game sweethearts. The n-CORE game organization went into the creation of the FAU-G with the point of giving new sweethearts indigenous games like PUB-G to the game darlings.

2nd Then again, the same number of such fight ground games are accessible, all are from the foreigner nation, because of which the pay from the game is heading off to the external nation. Because of which we are taking a gander at the nation in a roundabout way. Because of FAU-G being an indigenous game, whatever will be generate it will stay in the nation. Because of which the financial economy will likewise be acceptable.

3rd Taking a gander at these objectives, we are building this game. For data, 20% of the pay from the game will be given to the Indian Army. 

What will be the features of FAU-G Game?

Discussing the features of FAU-G Game, in this you will get highlights like Squad Duo and Solo, which you will have the option to play by collaborating with your companions, in this you can likewise observe the logo of the Indian banner in the garments of Soldier. In this game you can likewise get the opportunity to see a mission disposition, wherein you should finish the mission, you can get Points which we speak UC in PUBG, in this game you will feel full genuine on the grounds that The guide of this game has been taken from India. 

Benefits of FAU-G Game

1. In FAU-G Game you will get the chance to see numerous guides of India. 

2. Like the PUBG game, if the FAU-G game is famous overall it will likewise add to India's GDP. 

3. You can encounter India Army by playing FAU-G Game. 

4. This game will never be restricted like PUBG. 

5. In the FAU-G Game you will see the logo of the Indian banner in your garments, which involves incredible pride. 

6. This game more likely than not been made by an Indian organization, so there is no danger of your information being taken. 

7. 20% of the income from this game will be given to the Indian Army, which is an excellent thing. 

8. In this game you will get the chance to see Mission Mood. 

9. You can play this game from PC just as from your cell phone.

Disadvantages of FAU-G Game

a. That is the reason we ought not play any game excessively and don't remain occupied with versatile for long, it can make incredible damage your wellbeing and play it just for your amusement and not become like PUBG and so forth May your life be influenced.

b. You realize that in the event that we do a lot of anything, it damages to us, at that point similarly on the off chance that we play the FAU-G game as well as any game more than should be expected, at that point it is for our eyes and brain Can be very unsafe for 

FAU-G Game Map Size 

➤FAU-G will be a high designs game, whose guide will likewise observe great design. Its guide will be like PUBG yet can be seen independently from PUBG. The military will be remunerated on the guide for being founded on the Indian Army. The area that will be given in the guide is a lot of a chance of being an outskirt spot of India.

➤Hearing the name of high designs you will recall equivalent to in PUBG game. Like PUBG, FAU-G is likewise going to be given high designs design. In this, you will likewise be intrigued to think about its size or storage. The size of the FAU-G game will associate with 1 GB, which is smooth even in 2GB mobiles. PUBG was 2 GB for which 4 GB smash portable was required however FAU-G was likewise simple in 2GB versatile. 

How to Download FAU-G Game App? 

This game will be accessible on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are Android client/user, Play Store and iOS client/user then you can download it from application store. 

What is the difference between FAU-G and PUBG?

In the wake of finding out about FAU-G above, you should be attempting to comprehend what the contrast between these two can be seen. FAU-G and PUBG Both are high designs design Royal Battle Ground Gum, which you can discover online Can play Even however FAU-G is being supposed to be the option to PUBG, yet it will likewise get very contrast. In FAU-G and PUBG, there will be contrasts in character, guide and plan. Due to being an indigenous game, the smell of Swadeshi will stay in FAU-G. The rest can be told simply after the dispatch of the game. 

Support FAU-G Game

➮At the point when this game named FAU-G dispatches, it isn't important to be actually what we are thinking in light of the fact that there might be a few inadequacies in it so it is important to give right input about the game so those deficiencies are redressed.

➮You ought to completely uphold this game since it will be an Indian game and we can be an Indian and backing Indian games on the off chance that you are confronting a few issues while playing this game, at that point you uphold this game You can tell your concern from the group and whatever issue is there in this game, they will address it.

➮Another integral motivation to help this game is that 20% of the income created from this game will be for the youngsters of our nation, which is a generally excellent thing, which implies that on the off chance that we engage ourselves by playing this game, at that point our guests But the troopers present will profit.

➮At the point when PUBG came new, it additionally had a ton of missteps, yet it gradually rectified its slip-ups and today it has become a much adored game and similarly in the event that we uphold the round of our nation, at that point that too Gradually, we will amend our errors and there will come a period that we will overlook the name of PUBG before the FAU-G game.


Mates, hope you have got information about FAU-G Full Form from our article. If you have any questions in your mind, please comment us, we will try my best to answer it. If you have liked our article and feel that this information should be given to other people as well, then you must share it on social media platform so that more peoples can know FAU-G Full Form.

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