Full Form of KRA

Key Result Area OR Key Responsibility Area

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Full Form of KRA
Full Form of KRA

What does KRA mean? 

A key result area (KRA) is a key factor either inside to the association or outer, where solid positive outcomes must be acknowledged for the association to accomplish its vital goal(s), and consequently, advance toward understanding the association's more extended term vision of achievement. 

What is KRA for employee? Or KRA meaning in HR?

A key result area (KRA) comprehensively characterize the occupation profile for the worker and empower them to have better lucidity of their job. KRAs ought to be all around characterized, quantifiable, and simple to quantify. It likewise causes workers to adjust their part to that of the association. 

KRA Examples 

Revenue, Profitability, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Net Promoter Score, and numerous others. Objectives: A worker is required to play out their obligations dependent on their occupation job. Furthermore, their work ought to be adjusted to the necessities of their association. 

What is difference between KRA & KPI?

KRA's are the key responsibility regions of a work. The KRAs are the 'what' the occupation should achieve; explicit goals are appended to each KRA (the 'how'), and KPIs {key performance indicators}, is the rules by which you measure achievement of KRAs. 

How do we write KRA format?

The composed organization for KRAs can be generally basic. For a representative's KRA, It ought to incorporate the worker's name, the office and chief's name, and a portrayal of probably the main obligations of the representative's job and how it serves the association's vital targets. 

What is KRA for team leader?

Dealing with the everyday exercises of the group. Propelling the group to accomplish hierarchical objectives. Creating and actualizing a timetable to accomplish targets. Designating errands to colleagues. Leading preparing of colleagues to amplify their latent capacity. 

Why is KRA important?

Your Key Result Areas characterize your influential position and the guiding principle you bring to the organization. A pioneer's KRAs are the main drivers of achievement for an organization. Another significant KRA that pioneers center around is representative commitment. Keeping your workers content altogether helps profitability.


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