IUCN Full Form

International Union for Conservation of Nature

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IUCN Full Form
IUCN Full Form

History/Introduction of IUCN 

International Union for Conservation of Nature ~ IUCN, was system on Oct 5, 1948 in the French town of Fontainebleau. Mr. Julian Huxley founder of IUCN. As the primary worldwide ecological association, it united governments and common society associations with a shared objective to secure nature. 

What does IUCN mean? 

IUCN is an enrollment Union made out of both government and common society associations. It outfits the experience, assets and reach of its in excess of 1,400 Member associations and the contribution of in excess of 17,000 specialists.

How does the IUCN work? 

Through its part associations, the IUCN underpins and takes an interest in natural logical exploration; advances and helps execute public preservation enactment, strategies, and rehearses; and works or oversees a large number of field projects around the world. 

Why is IUCN important?

The IUCN Red List is a significant device in preservation work. It doesn't just assess the elimination danger of an animal types, yet additionally gives significant foundation data of the status of the species in a worldwide or territorial viewpoint. 

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Objectives of IUCN

a. To give logical information on the status of species and subspecies at a worldwide level. 

b. To address the components of concern and spread mindfulness with respect to the species and biodiversity eradication. 

c. To design a format for the protection of biodiversity. 

IUCN Functions

1. To advance nature protection and practical utilization of normal assets.

2. To assemble information, investigate the information, direct exploration, field projects, and so forth.

3. To make and distribute IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

4. It assumes a significant part in the execution of a few worldwide shows on nature protection and biodiversity.

5. It joins the world's most powerful associations and top specialists in a consolidated exertion to save nature and quicken the change to economical turn of events. 

IUCN Conservation Plan

A. Act's:- Improve the status of biodiversity, by activating activities including governments, instructive organizations, common society, and the private area. 

B. Survey/Assess:- Focus on checking species and advising the world about the status and patterns of biodiversity, in this manner giving measures to the assurance of our biosphere. 

C. Communicate/Impart:- The adequacy of IUCN's species preservation work is improved through vital and focused on correspondences. 

D. Major Plan:- Aims to improve community oriented and science-based systems to guarantee the best species protection activities. 

IUCN Red List Users

1) Government agencies {National & International}

2) Educational organizations

3) Zoos & aquariums

4) Business communities

5) Wildlife organizations & departments

6) Conservation-related NGOs

7) Natural resource planners

8) Media

IUCN Categories

a. Vulnerable(VU)

b. Endangered(EN)

c. Extinct In The Wild(EW)

d. Critically Endangered(CR)

e. Data Deficient(DD)

f. Least Concern(LC)

g. Near Threatened(NT)

h. Extinct(EX)

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