POK Full Form

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

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POK Full Form
POK Full Form

History/Introduction of POK

On 24th October, a second temporary government of Azad Kashmir was set up at Palandri under the initiative of Sardar Ibrahim Khan. On October 21, a few thousand Pashtun tribesmen from North-West Frontier Province filled Jammu and Kashmir to free it from the Maharaja's standard. 

Established:- 24th October, 1947

Demonym's:- Azad Kashmiri

What does POK mean?

Pakistan-involved Kashmir, the name utilized by India for the part of Kashmir under Pakistani organization. Pantoate kinase or POK, a protein. 

What is POK in India map?

The new guide shows three regions Muzaffarabad, Punch and Mirpur which are under Pakistan-involved Kashmir(POK) as a feature of India's geographic limits while the Ladakh Union Territory comprises of two(2) regions Kargil and Leh while the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory contains 20 locale. 

What is POK issue?

Contention began after the parcel of India in 1947 as the two(2) India and Pakistan guaranteed the aggregate of the previous regal province of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a disagreement regarding the locale that swelled into three(3) battles among India and Pakistan and a few other outfitted clashes. 

Which area comes under POK?

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK) is a piece of the first Kashmir, whose lines contact to Pakistan zone of Punjab, Northwest, Wakhan passageway of Afghanistan, Xinjiang area of China and east of Indian Kashmir.


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