ICRA Full Form In Banking

Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency

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ICRA Full Form In Banking
ICRA Full Form In Banking

History/Introduction of ICRA

ICRA Ltd was established on 16th January, 1991 by driving monetary/speculation organizations business banks and monetary administrations organizations as a free and expert Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Ltd. 

What is the meaning of ICRA?

ICRA represents Investment information and credit rating agency. It is a free credit organization containing driving business banks, monetary foundations and monetary administrations organizations which assesses the overall acknowledge hazards related for the obligation instruments and establishments. 

Who is the CEO of ICRA?

N. Sivaraman {28 Jul 2020 – Present}

Where is the headquarters of ICRA?


ICRA Official Website

🌐 https://www.icra.in/ 

What is ICRA rating system?

ICRA's credit scores are emblematic portrayals of its present assessment on the overall acknowledge hazards related for the appraised obligation commitments/issues. These evaluations are appointed on an Indian (that is, public or nearby) FICO score scale for Rupee (neighborhood cash) named obligation commitments. 

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Beneficiaries of ICRA credit rating 

a. Intermediaries:- The ICRA rating helps the middle people, for example, venture and vendor financiers for valuing, in arrangement and advertising the issues. 

b. Issuers:- The appraisals given by ICRA restricted assists with computing the danger of ventures to decide the profits on speculations. The backers can utilize the ICRA evaluations for deciding the cost of ventures dependent on the dangers related with their obligation instruments. 

c. Regulators:- ICRA restricted appraisals assist the controllers with giving benchmarks and rules to different market middle people and monetary instincts. 

d. Investors:- ICRA rating gives a general positioning of a default misfortune likelihood of the interest in examination with different instruments. This rating causes financial backers to think about the credit nature of the instrument. Consequently financial backers can break down the dangers related with the speculation instruments. 

Rating criteria for ICRA

A. ICRA credit scores for long term protections:- 

Debt instruments, for example, bonds, NCD with development period surpassing one year falls under this class. Nonetheless, public stores are rejected from this rundown. ICRA FICO scores for long haul protections range from [ICRA]AAA to [ICRA]D, where [ICRA]AAA is the most noteworthy credit score and it means that there is the most extensive level of wellbeing with respect to opportune overhauling of these instruments and [ICRA]D signifies default or danger of defaults on the instruments. 

B. ICRA FICO scores for medium term protections:- 

All open store programs are given credit scores under this classification. ICRA credit scores for medium-term protections range from MAAA to MD, where MAAA is the most noteworthy FICO assessment and it signifies that there is most significant level of security with respect to ideal overhauling of these instruments and MD, indicates default or danger of defaults on the instruments.

C. ICRA FICO scores for momentary term protections:- 

The obligation instruments inside one year of unique development period are appraised dependent on the transient rating scale. There are four credit scales to be specific; [ICRA]A1, [ICRA]A2, [ICRA]A4 and [ICRA]D. [ICRA]A1 signifies most extensive level of wellbeing and [ICRA]D indicates instruments are in default or expected to be in default on development. 

ICRA Services

1. To give data and direction to institutional and singular financial backers or banks 

2. To improve the capacity of borrowers/guarantors to get to the currency market to tap an enormous volume of assets 

3. To help the administrative bodies in advancing straightforwardness in the monetary business sectors 

4. To furnish delegates with devices created to improve the productivity of the gathering pledges measures. 

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How ICRA Ratings affect Depositors?

Fixed stores are by and large, safe speculation instruments that empower you to acquire stable returns throughout a fixed timeframe. Frequently, the bait of better yields causes us to pick lenders, offering higher loan costs. In any case, this can represent an extra danger, where contributors may likewise lose the cash they contribute. However, with an unprejudiced credit score by ICRA, you can decide the security of your assets, and search for the correct agent. You can likewise analyze the appraisals, and pick the best agent offering higher loan costs, while additionally having higher security evaluations by ICRA.


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