DTO Full Form In Police

District Transport Officer

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DTO Full Form In Police
DTO Full Form In Police

What does DTO mean?

DTO is likewise a Government of India association organization, which is basically answerable for keeping an information base of drivers and vehicles on the whole the various areas of India. Likewise, DTO additionally gives driving licenses of a locale. Furthermore, it is the DTO, which coordinates the assortment of vehicle extract (otherwise called street duty and street store permit) and attempts to sell singular enrollments. Simultaneously, a DTO likewise assumes liability in reviewing the protection of the vehicle and clearing the contamination test, however the DTO 's work is restricted to its area to do every one of these undertakings. 

How do we become a DTO officer?

We can apply for IMV or ARTO posts which are of Group 'B' under state Govt. what's more, the State Public Service Commission direct tests for these. We should hold a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering/Technology in Automobile Engineering. 

DTO Officer Roles and Responsibilities

The District Transport Officer in a region is exclusively liable for allowing of various sort of driving permit and conductor permit, exchange permit to the engine vehicle vendors and workshops, task of enrollment imprint to the recently enlisted vehicles, assortment of different expenses and charges under the Motor 

DTO Officer Salary

DTO official in the District Transport Office is very acceptable. Overall, it tends to be around 16000 to 32000 rupees each month. Likewise, any remaining stipends and offices are given by the public authority. Whenever seen, one gets a truly decent compensation as a DTO official. 

What is difference between RTO and DTO?

For an essential agreement, Regional Transport Offices (RTO's) are for a state & District Transport Offices (DTO's) are for a region. The distinction normally lies in the locale territory. A state has numerous areas; along these lines, it can have different DTO's.

Other full forms of DTO

  • Dollar Trade Off
  • Deliver To Order
  • Data Transfer Object
  • Detailed Test Objective
  • Download To Own
  • Deodorized Tincture of Opium
  • Development Test Objective
  • Department of Telecom Operations
  • Doomed To Oblivion
  • Division Transportation Office
  • Drug Trafficking Organization
  • Daily Turn On
  • Denial To Operate
  • Direct Trunk Overflow
  • Delivered To Origin
  • Digital Transformation Office
  • Discover The Outdoors
  • Data Tiering Optimization


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