METRO Full Form


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METRO Full Form
METRO Full Form

History/Introduction of METRO

World's first metropolitan underground rail route was Metropolitan rail route which started its procedure on January 10, 1863. It was fabricated generally in shallow passages and is currently important for London underground. 

What is the meaning of METRO?

Is an underground rail line framework in certain urban communities. metro. modifier. English Language Learners Definition of metro (Entry 2 of 2) US, casual : of or identifying with a huge city and now and then to the region around it. 

Why is it called METRO?

Metro is a more modest version for Metropolis/Metropolitan territory . The train that benefits the Community was in this way named Metro. London Sub way is known as a cylinder as it truly runs in an underground passage/tube. Metro which runs on columns for the most part and some underground are by and large called Metro. 

Who invented the METRO?

The French engineer Fulgence Bienvenue. 

Who started METRO in India?

Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Sir

When was first METRO train started in world?

The world's metro frameworks convey 150 million travelers each day. The most punctual metro framework, the London Underground, first electric underground line opened in quite a while, the world's first metro framework. With in excess of 500 km of framework, Shanghai has the world's longest Metro organization. 

When was METRO started in India?

On 24th October 1984, METRO Railway - Kolkata, India's first METRO was commissioned.

What is METRO in a city?

A metropolitan region or metro is a locale comprising of a thickly populated metropolitan center and its less-populated encompassing domains under a similar authoritative division, sharing industry, framework and lodging. 

What is another word for METRO?

Related words for METRO, such as:- underground, subway, tube, bus, subway system, tram, Quay-Link, buses and mainline.

Other full forms of METRO

  • Metropolitan Extension Telecommunications Right Of
  • Material Essential To Reconstitution Operations
  • Meteorology
  • Mobile Effort To Reach Our


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