Science Full Form Funny

Systematic and Comprehensive Investigation and Exploration of Natural Causes and Effect

Dear Mates, welcome to FullFormsDetailed. Today's topic is Science Full Form Funny. Do you know what the full form of science is? If you don't have an answer, then don't hesitate. Study is such a thing on which our career depends to a great extent, and the subjects we choose among them also decide our future line and one of them is Science. Although all the students are taught about all subjects till 8th class, with the increasing class we have to leave some subjects and just go ahead with some specific subjects. Of which Science is an important subject, although all subjects are important but Science gives you the option of engineering and after 12th you can decide what kind of engineer you want to be. In today's post we will tell you that science full form along with complete details of science. So read this post till the end.

Science Full Form Funny
Science Full Form Funny

What is science?

1. The term Science is derived from the word Scientia of Latin which signifies 'Knowledge'.

2. That specific knowledge is called Science, so that we can understand the universe, past, future, and to know about its nature through special study of things.

3. Through science, we are able to study such things which are natural, because the things that humans have created, they know about the processes of making them and how they work, but we have to do with any natural things. There is no information about it in advance.

4. But with a special study on it, it is understood that its nature is understood, which we call Science.

5. As such we do not know how many layers are there within the earth, which is made up of a mixture of elements, but it became easy to find out all these things through science.

6. Not only this, every natural thing has been studied through science, they have been understood, various experiments have been done and are being done on them.

7. Human is studying the universe and every natural thing every day, we humans are also natural products, understood by humans themselves by medical science.

8. Because a normal person can see his body, but he cannot understand how the body will react in what condition, if there is a problem in the body, what will be its solution, all this is possible due to science.

9. Just like recently the Covid-19 virus caused a lot of havoc, and it is difficult for a normal person to understand this virus.

So it was researched by medical science, because we can make a break of anything only when we know about its nature, after studying the nature of covid-19, now medical science work on its vaccine Has been doing.

Such as these are some of the big inventions that are used a lot in the world today.

Electricity - Mr. Thomas Edison sir

Computer - Mr. Charles Babbage sir

Vehicle engine, Mobile, Internet etc., just think what if all these things are not available today.

What are the different types of science?

Although there are many types of science, but we will get information about some special science here.

A. Physics(Physical science) - Physics is a science where space, planets and so on. are studied, how big is the size of the sun, how far is it possible to find them all through physical, the main purpose of physical is to study this thing. Of how the universe behaves.

It is due to the physical that we know that the Earth is round and that it rotates on its axis as well as the Sun, and at what speed it also knows how many degrees it is bent, but it also knows How, because of physics, that is, because of science.

Space Science (Astronomy), Earth Science etc. These are every one of the a piece of physical science, this is absurd without science, physical science.

B. Chemistry - This is a science where various kinds of synthetic compounds are considered, at that point it tends to be any substance, albeit various sorts of synthetic compounds are utilized all over, particularly in medical, but it is used in making deadly weapons. Is also used.

The biggest example of this is the atomic bomb, everyone knows how much more destructive the atomic bomb is, which is the result of chemistry i.e. science.

C. Biology - This is a science in which different types of life and organisms are studied, including their physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, etc.

This is the reason that any organism is sick but it is possible to treat it accurately, as if we humans fall ill, it is treated with the appropriate medicine or some other appropriate way, and how they came to know In which condition, what to treat?

It is obvious that medical science has done a lot of studies on humans as well, so that after a special study, anyone can become a doctor.

Biology also gets further divide into two(2) parts.

a. Zoology - In this science studies are done on beings, then they can be any creature.

b. Botany - Flora is studied in this science.

By the way, there are many other sciences such as social science, medical science, home science, computer science, space science {astronomy}

But as if you are interested in computer line, if you want to work in computer science, then after 12th you can do computer courses like bca, mca etc.

In the same way if you are interested in medical science then you can do medical courses, get a Biology (Zoology, Botany) Master degree, MBBS or other medical courses.

In the same way, to enter various sciences, you can do courses according to them and get a job in that science, as if you are interests in Astronomy, then you can do graduation, post graduation, PhD etc., because space agencies hire people on the same basis, even employ different types of engineers.

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Mates, so finally you have learned that Science Full Form Funny, if you are a student, now it is your duty to share this post with your friends so that they can also get info about Science full form. And how did you feel about our post Science full form. Tell us in the comment, your feedback is very important for us.

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