LBW Full Form In Cricket

Leg Before Wicket

Dear Mates, welcome to FullFormsDetailed. Today's topic is LBW Full Form In Cricket. Mates, you must have heard the name LBW, but you know what is the full form of LBW in cricket? If not, then don't hesitate. In this post you will get the first LBW full form along with complete details of LBW. So read this post till the end.

LBW Full Form In Cricket
LBW Full Form In Cricket

What is a LBW in cricket? 

The word LBW is identified with cricket, in cricket the batsman is out 'Leg Before Wicket'(LBW), when the ball is tossed, the batsman is announced out when the ball hits the batsman's leg, this is called LBW. In cricket, a few principles have been made for this, assuming the batsman's leg hits the ball under that standard, just he is given out by the umpire, for this it is essential to comprehend the guidelines. 

LBW Rules By ICC 

Cricket is enjoyed in the greater part of the nations of the world. India has more number of cricket darlings. Here cricket is favored more than different games. All cricket darlings are all around familiar with LBW yet not many of them will think about the principles and full type of LBW.

This standard was first utilized in the year 1774. Prior, the risky ball was halted by the batsman with the assistance of body or leg, so the batsman couldn't get out. The principles of LBW are as per the following- 

a. Try not to hit the ball outside the leg stump. 

b. The ball doesn't contact the bat by any means. 

c. If the ball contacts the hand, the batsman isn't given out. 

d. If the ball doesn't hit the leg or body, it should hit the stump straightforwardly. 

e. The batsman's glove is viewed as a feature of the bat. On the off chance that the ball hits the glove, it's anything but considered LBW out.

As of now, video replay is utilized more in cricket, so that there is no misstep in dynamic, LBW out is firmly checked by this.

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