HSC Full Form In Education

Higher Secondary Certificate 


Higher Secondary School Certificate

Dear Mates, welcome to FullFormsDetailed. Talking about HSC full form in education. Mates, you have heard the word HSC but you know what the full name of HSC is? In this post you will get the first HSC full form along with complete details about the HSC board exam. So read this post till the end.

HSC Full Form In Education
HSC Full Form In Education

What is the full form of HSC in board exam?

HSC full name is a Higher Secondary Certificate(HSC) board in India. As of now, there are 52 endorsed sheets in India obliging 30 states. For instance, West Bengal is home to six unique kinds of sheets like Board of Primary Education, Board of Secondary instruction, the leading body of Madrasah schooling, Council of Rabindra open tutoring, the state gathering of professional schooling and preparing and Council of Higher Secondary Education. The main number of sheets are associated to the states, and Higher Secondary or HSC is the last board. The understudy gets conceded to school a while later. It is a halfway or +2 assessment, a public assessment Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Punjab, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Goa by middle of the road undergrads. The test framework in India differs from one board to another. 

HSC Boards Exam Pattern Overview 

The HSC abbreviation or represents the Higher Secondary Certificate exam board including a long time from classes XI and XII that prompts the higher auxiliary test. There are three streams: science, trade, and expressions. Aside from that, understudies have different cross mixes like bioscience, unadulterated science, and furthermore unique business subjects to browse. The tests for HSC importance are directed in March, and understudies need to get 40% in the primary 5 subjects out of 6 to clear the tests. Grades are granted to understudies dependent on their percentile of imprints scored out of 100. In the science subjects, 30 imprints are saved aside for functional papers. 

Subjects Covered in HSC Board Exams

There are different subjects mixes in Higher optional tests, and you need to comprehend the full significance of hsc. How about we take a gander at the critical streams Arts, Science and Commerce and how the subjects are apportioned. There are two necessary papers i.e., the vernacular subjects for each state and English.


The arts subjects for HSC comprises mainly of the following subjects:-



Political science




The science subject for HSC comprises of these papers:-






Computer Science


The commerce paper for HSC has a varied discipline & comprises of the following subjects:-


Business Mathematics



Company Law and Business Studies

HSC Benefits

1. The HSC abbreviation for higher secondary certificate has a profound infiltration level 

2. Savvy and modest contrasted with different sheets 

3. Broadly perceived and substantial anyplace 

4. Vernacular arrangement of schooling that advances nearby culture 

5. Simple accessibility of study materials 

What do you mean by Higher Secondary Certificate(HSC)?

Higher Secondary schooling is a higher level get-togethers tenth. Higher Secondary of HSC contains a two years program and covers Classes eleventh and twelfth. 

What is the difference Between SSC and HSC?

SSC represents Secondary School Certificate and HSC represents Higher Secondary Certificate. Auxiliary School Certificate implies Class tenth and Higher Secondary Certificate implies Class twelfth in nations like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. 

When are the HSC board exams held and the results announced?

The HSC assessment for the most part happens in March. The outcomes for the most part take around 90 days yet presently the sheets are requiring just two months to distribute the outcomes.

Other full forms of HSC

  • Health and Safety Commission
  • High Speed Craft
  • Harsco Corporation
  • High Speed Cutting
  • Honda Sports Concept
  • Hierarchical Storage Controller
  • Hyper Saturation Creatine
  • Health Services Command
  • Health Service Center
  • Heart Stroke And Cancer
  • High Swirl Combustion
  • Hardware Systems Command
  • Hetton Skate Crew
  • Horse Showing Club
  • Hyper Saturation Complex
  • Honda Sportscar Concept
  • Hearne Steel Company
  • Henk's Soundtrack Corner
  • Health And Safety Contract
  • Hair Straightening Crew
  • Heinenoordse Skate Crew
  • Hydrogen Synthesiser Cannon
  • Higher Secondary certificate
  • Handgun Safety Certificate
  • Holosprite Summer Colors
  • Haematopoietic Stem Cell
  • Hispanic Scholarship Consortium
  • Health and Safety Code
  • Health and Social Care
  • Health Science Center
  • Heaven Sent Consultancy
  • Holmes Student Center
  • Hampden Sydney College
  • Health Sciences Center
  • Hair Stimulating Complex
  • Half Slotted Carton
  • Handeye Supply Company
  • Handling Systems Conveyors
  • Hard Shell Case
  • Hawaiian Style Cheer
  • HAZMAT Spill Center
  • Headquarters Service Company
  • Health Service Consultant
  • Health System Change
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cells
  • Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation
  • Hickory Street Capital
  • High School in the Community
  • High Sensitivity Camera
  • High Speed Cable
  • High Strength Cohesive
  • Highes Systems Company
  • Hillfield Strathallan College
  • Holland Space Cake
  • Home and School Council
  • Hospital for Special Care
  • Houston Science Center
  • Hubble Source Catalog
  • Human Services Campus
  • Human Services Center
  • Human Services Council
  • Human Services Counsellor
  • Human Systems Center
  • Hyper Suprime Cam
  • Hardware/Software Coordination
  • Head State Change
  • Headquarters and Service Company
  • Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland
  • Health Screening Centre
  • Health Select Committee
  • Health Service Circular
  • Health Service Commissioner
  • Heat Shock Consensus
  • Heat Sink Case
  • Helicopter Sea Combat
  • Help and Support Center
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cells
  • Heritage Sports Collectibles
  • High Performance Sports Concept
  • High Security Core
  • High Speed Car
  • High Speed Centronic
  • High Speed Controller
  • High Speed Counter
  • High Speed Cruise
  • Highway Safety Code
  • High Speed Channel
  • High Speed Chip
  • High Speed Connection
  • Highway Safety Committee
  • Highway Smart Card
  • Hill Start Control
  • Hispano Suiza Cars
  • Hollywood Sports Cars
  • Home Station Check
  • Homeland Security Council
  • Honda of South Carolina
  • Honda Siel Cars
  • Horizontal Semicircular Canal
  • Host Software Component
  • Hot Swap Controller
  • Houston Subaru Club
  • Humber Scout Car
  • Hybrid Sports Concept
  • Hydrogen Solute Concept


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