Windows Full Form In Networking

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Windows Full Form In Networking
Windows Full Form In Networking

History/Introduction of Windows

➤ Microsoft Windows is a progression of programming working frameworks and graphical UIs worked by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows acquainted a working climate with add to MS-DOS in November 1985. 

➤ Given the developing revenue in graphical UIs (GUIs), Microsoft Windows ruled the PC market of the world when it came and advanced itself to Mac-OS. At the 2004 IDC Direction Conference, it was uncovered that Windows held almost 90% of the client working framework market. 

➤ The latest customer form of Windows will be Windows 10 and the latest server rendition is Windows Server is 2016. Charge Gates has assumed a significant part in the improvement of Windows and is presently the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. 

➤ On November 10, 1985, Microsoft Windows was reported by CEO, Bill Gates. Microsoft presented the Windows working framework as a graphical UI (GUI) for MS-DOS. Microsoft Windows is an extremely easy to use, well known and broadly utilized Operating System. 

*In this post, we will know when Microsoft dispatched different adaptations of Windows. MS Windows was dispatched for PCs as well as dispatched for Mobile Phones.

What is Windows and its features?

Windows is a graphical working framework created by Microsoft. It permits clients to view and store documents, run the product, mess around, watch recordings, and gives a method for associating with the web. It was delivered for both home processing and expert works. Microsoft presented the main version as 1.0.

What is the utilization of Windows?

For e.g. you can utilize Windows to peruse the Internet, browse your email, alter advanced photographs, pay attention to music, mess around, and do considerably more. Windows is additionally utilized in numerous workplaces since it gives you admittance to efficiency instruments like calendars/schedules, word processors, and spreadsheets/bookkeeping pages.

What type of software is Windows?

Computer Operating System

Microsoft Windows, additionally called Windows and Windows OS, computer operating system (OS) created by Microsoft Corporation to run PC's. Including graphical user interface(GUI) for IBM-viable PC's, Windows operating system (OS) before long ruled the perishable PC market.

Why is Microsoft Windows called Windows? 

Since Microsoft names a huge portion of its items with single word, it an essential a word that best depicted its new graphical user interface(GUI) working framework. Microsoft chosen 'Windows' on account of the numerous windows that permit various errands & projects to run simultaneously.

What is the difference between Window and Windows?


➢Refers to a single work box on the computer screen.

E.g. A word document, photo viewer, explorer etc.


➢Refers to the whole operating system on which applications and programs run.

E.g. Windows 95, WindowsNT, Windows7 etc.

Advantages of Windows

1. Available software

2. Backwards compatibility

3. Compatibility with MS driven blogs/websites

4. Ease of use. Users familiar with earlier versions of Windows will probably also find the more modern ones easy to work with.

5. Games

6. Plug & Play

7. Support for new hardware.

Windows Operating System's Launch Dates

Name of Windows Operating System’s

Launch Dates

Windows 10


Windows 8.1


Windows 8


Windows 7


Windows Vista


Windows XP Professional x64


Windows XP


Windows ME


Windows 2000


Windows 98


Windows NT 4.0


Windows 95


Windows NT 3.51


Windows NT 3.5


Windows 3.2


Windows for Workgroups 3.11


Windows NT 3.1


Windows 3.1


Windows 3.0


Windows 2.11


Windows 2.10


Windows 2.03


Windows 1.04


Windows 1.03


Windows 1.02


Windows 1.01


*The current version of Windows is Windows 10 and it is used in Windows computers and Windows Mobile Phones.

Other full form of Windows

  • Will Install Needless Data On Whole System
  • We Indeed Never Developed One Working System
  • We Interpret New Data Only When Stuck
  • What It Never Does OK: Work Stably
  • Wished I'd Never Deployed On Work Station
  • Work Is Never Done On Windows Systems
  • Wholly Inadequate Needless Damned Outrageous Waste of Space
  • Wait Indefinitely for No Deployment Of Working Software
  • Well, It Never Does Operate With Speed
  • When I Need Data Output Without Speed


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