LOGO Full Form In Computer

Language Of Graphics Oriented


Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented

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LOGO Full Form In Computer
LOGO Full Form In Computer

What is the full form of LOGO in the computer field?

The full form of logo represents Language Of Graphics Oriented or Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented. The term LOGO is an image which is utilized to perceive a public recognizable proof of a brand or organization. The logo can be a theoretical plan or an image which addresses a wordmark. Generally, a logo on a worldwide level can address an organization's name, brand name, or brand.

LOGO Examples

➢ HP is the logo of an organization which addresses Hewlett Packard itself universally.

➢ An image on a coin additionally addresses which country it has a place with.

Origin of LOGO

➤  The logo appeared as soon as the sixth and seventh century when coins were utilized as a mode of installment (c.600BCE). Each coin was implanted with an image or imprint which addressed which nation or realm it had a place with. In the early time, a logo was additionally utilized in chamber seals (c.2300 BCE).

➤ During the sixth century, logos used to be looking like a creature, bird or any image implanted on coins or fabric to address a realm or line. By 1890, the US previously had around 700 lithographic printing firms and had utilized around 2000 individuals to deal with it.

➤ In the mid eighteenth century and nineteenth century the logo was formed into printing innovation, watermarks, silver trademarks. In the late nineteenth century, photography and lithography advanced into the publicizing business accordingly advancing the utilization of logos on a worldwide level. The primary logo which was reserved was the BASS red triangle in 1876.

LOGO Types

a. Abstract marks 

b. Monogram logos

c. Mascots

d. Pictorial marks

e. The combination marks

f. The emblem

g. Wordmarks

How to use a LOGO?

A logo represents business. With the blend of typography and pictures, the logo gives a brand an alternate vibe and acknowledgment.

1. Abstract Logo Marks:-

This is a pictorial logo which is a theoretical imprint or plan. It very well may be a theoretical mathematical structure addressing your business. Eg: Chanel-with one legitimate C and other C the other way planning in the middle.

These sorts of conceptual imprints function admirably since they consolidate the organization or brand into a solitary picture which is novel. The theoretical picture is chosen so that it can address what the organization or business needs to pass on through its image.


A mascot logo includes a beautiful person or animation character which itself turns into the brand's advertiser. Eg: pringles animation face with mustache and tie and McDonald's joker. This makes an engaging and alluring air for families and kids.

3. The Combination Mark:-

This consolidates a wordmark or letter mark with a pictorial or conceptual imprint or mascot mark, eg: red bull which is a mix of wordmark and bulls pictorial imprint, and Lacoste which is a wordmark with a crocodile pictorial imprint.

These sorts of logos are a flexible blend hence further developing the brand worth and giving us an appreciation for the brand.

4. The Monogram Logos:-

This comprises of letters as a rule brand initials eg: HP, HBO, WB, LG and so forth These are initials of popular organizations. With only 2 or 3 letters they have distinguished their image internationally. Since for this situation just initials are utilized, the text style in which these initials are printed is vital. It ought to be decipherable and appealing looking when imprinted on business cards or some other stage to command notice and for better advancement.

5. Pictorial Marks:-

This is a symbol based or illustrations based logo. The actual image is to the point of recognizing the brand. Eg: the jaguar of the Puma, or the notable bird of Twitter. These brands are really renowned and set up that a solitary picture portrayal is enough for their distinguishing proof. Here the greatest test comes in which picture is to be chosen and which tone is to be utilized in light of the fact that the whole organization, its notoriety, and presence depend upon it.

6. The Emblem:-

The image logo involves a symbol or an image without a letter or wordmark in it. Eg: identifications, coins, seals. These kinds of images give a conventional appearance in this way typically turning into a decision for some schools, colleges, and government associations. It has an exemplary style with the end goal that even vehicle enterprises are attached to them. Eg: the image of BMW which is as seal, or be it a symbol of oxford college which itself is special to address it.

7. The Wordmarks:-

This is a text style put together logo plan that concentrations with respect to the principle business or organization's name, eg: Nescafe, Disney, canon, google. These are names of the organizations and organizations in legitimate yet addressed in various textual styles and styles in this manner making an attractive look.

Other full forms of LOGO

  • Landelijk Overleg Gemeentebesturen Opvang
  • Limit Of Government Obligation


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