IMEI Full Form In Mobile

International Mobile Equipment Identity

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IMEI Full Form In Mobile
IMEI Full Form In Mobile

What is the full form of IMEI number?

➤ The full form of IMEI number or IMEI stand for International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI number is an extraordinary series of 15 to 17 digits used for recognizable proof on Global Mobile Communications System (GSM) cellphones.

➤ Any broadcast communications company's SIM card is associated with the client and can be moved from one cellphone to other cellphone, so it is a fundamental strategy for keeping mindful of the actual equipment.


➤ IMEI is a code or a number utilized over such a portable organization which distinguishes a specific PDA. It is normally imprinted toward the back of the cellphone or mobile battery.

Process to view IMEI number...

1. By dialing *#06#, anyone can find the IMEI mobile number.

2. The IMEI code shows insights concerning model name, system serial number and source.

3. For example, assuming the IMEI number is XX-YYYYYYY-ZZZZZZ-A/BB, thusly the XX number shows the personality of the revealing body, that is important for the TAC, and demonstrates the model and brand of the cellphone.

4. Additionally, the number YYYYYYY is essential for the Type Allocation Code (TAC), the number ZZZZZZ is the grouping number, and the rest is the adaptation number of the product.

5. If a cell phone is lost, the IMEI code is utilized. Thus, assuming the cellphone of a client is taken or lost, he might furnish a portable organization with the IMEI number and solicitation them to impair the gadget.

How does IMEI Number work? 

The IMEI number of the cellphone shows the current area of the cellphone and in this manner can know where the cellphone is presently being utilized. Assuming a client's cellphone is taken or lost, it very well may be followed through the IMEI number. To realize his IMEI number, then, at that point, it very well may be found by dialing *#06# from his cellphone .

How would somebody be able to manage my IMEI number? Abuse of my IMEI number?

➮ It's the number that uniquely recognizes a personal cellphone. In the event that someone had your IMEI number and really desired to be a brute, they could communicate your cellphone stolen and have It performed useless by your cellphone provider. It is probable to fool cell towers and get people to connect to you as if you were ATM & Mobile etc.

➮ To find the number on your android phone, you need to open the settings app on your cellphone and then scroll down and click on about phone. Look down and you will find the number under IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

➮ You can also search the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number under the cellphone battery. We can remove the battery and see the IMEI number. In some cellphones, The IMEI number is written on the sim card space. On the cell phone box, you will search a sticker attached which contains the IMEI number.

IMEI Number Benefits

Any criminal can be caught by IMEI number and it helps in observing the client's cellphone regardless of whether a client's cellphone is taken.

Other full forms of IMEI

  • International Mobile Equipment Identification
  • Institute of Marine Engineers India
  • Ion Mobile Equipment Identity
  • International Medical Education Institute
  • Independent Medical Evaluations Inc
  • International Mobile Equipment Identifier


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