KGF Full Form Movie Hindi

Kolar Gold Fields

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KGF Full Form Movie Hindi
KGF Full Form Movie Hindi

History/Introduction of KGF

➤ Today the condition of Kolar Gold Fields is that the tunnels dug to extract gold here have been filled with water. The mines are completely dilapidated. It is said that there is still a lot of gold in the Kolar Gold Fields, but experts believe that the cost of extracting this gold will be more than the gold found here.

➤ The power supply from the Kaveri power station built in Shivanasamudra was so good that there was never a power cut. Due to the cold, this area was suitable for the British to live in. Earnings were being made from the gold coming out of the mine. In such a situation, there was a lot of development here too. From bungalows, hospitals, schools to clubs were built here for British officers, engineers, as well as people dealing with gold. There was so much development in this area that people called it the England of India.

➤ In the battle of Srirangapatna in 1799, the then ruler Tipu Sultan was killed by the British and the Kolar mines were captured by the British.

➤ The British decided to hand over these territories of Tipu to the princely state of Mysore, but for this the land was surveyed and on the pretext of the survey, the British kept the land living property of Kolar with them.

➤ British government lieutenant John Warren had heard about the extraction of gold along with clay from the mine (KGF) during the time of the Chola dynasty.

➤ According to historians, during the time of the Chola Empire, people used to extract gold by digging the ground by hand. John Warren was inspired by these things and announced that whoever shows the gold out of this mine, he will be rewarded.

➤ On hearing about John Warren's reward, the villagers came in front of him with a bullock cart filled with mud. When the villagers washed the soil in front of Warren and removed the place, traces of gold started appearing in it.

➤ John Warren still did not believe, so he got the whole matter investigated at his level. After which Warren came to know that only 120 pounds or 56 kilograms of clay could be used to extract gold.

➤ After this report of Warren, many researches were done in the area of ??Kolar between 1804 and 1860, in which there was no much benefit. After which excavation was banned there. British soldier Michael Fitzgerald Llewelly, who came to India from New Zealand after reading this report of Warren, was very excited and decided to stay in Bangalore.

➤ British soldier Michael Fitzgerald Llewelly, who came to India from New Zealand, traveled 60 miles by bullock cart only to Kolar in 1871. During his investigation, he identified several possible locations for gold mining and was successful in finding traces of gold deposits.

➤ After more than two years of research, in 1873, Leveli wrote a letter to the Maharaja of Mysore asking for a license to excavate at Kolar. On 2 February 1875, Leveli got a license to excavate at Kolar for 20 years. This marked the beginning of the modern mining era in India.

➤ When Leveli started mining work in Kolar, he felt a great need for electricity there. To meet the requirement of Kolar Gold Field, he built Kaveri power station 130 km from there. Subsequently, which KGF became the 1st city in India to get electricity. Not only this, it is the second largest plant in Asia after Japan, the power station of Kaveri. Because of the gold mine, KGF was now getting the highest priority instead of Bangalore and Mysore.

➤ Due to electricity, now the work started doubling there. As a result, in the year 1902, KGF used to extract up to 95 percent of India's gold.

➤ After India became independent, the government took it under its control and in 1956 this mine was nationalized. In 1970, Bharat Gold Mines Limited Company started its work under the Government of India. But after 1979 the losses started, after which the excavation was stopped.

➤ Excavations have taken place in KGF for more than 121 years. According to media reports, more than 900 tonnes of gold has been extracted from here in 121 years.

What is KGF?

➮ It is believed that this was such a mining area where gold was found more above the ground than the rest of the world's mines, due to which the most mining in the world was done here and the quality of gold here was also good.

➮ For those asking what is KGF?, this is all you need to know. KGF is a period drama (movie) set in the 70s and is based on real life events that took place during that time, the film traces the journey of Rocky from the birth of Rocky to his becoming the biggest mafia. Yash in the film, Srinidhi Shetty, Achyut Kumar, Ananth Nag and Vashishtha N Simha are in lead roles.

What is the KGF full form movie hindi?

Kolar Gold Fields(KGF)

Where is KGF located?

This area is 30 KM from Kolar, 29 KM from Kuppam, 100 KM from Bangalore, 245 KM from Chennai.

Important things related to KGF {KGF Interesting Fact}

➛ The full name of KGF is Kolar Gold Field, also known as gold spewing mine.

➛ KGF is a mining area under Kolar District of Karnataka State. This mine was well known for the production of gold during the British rule.

➛ The Kolar mine is the 2nd cordial mine in the world. Gold was excavated from this mine for 121 years. According to media reports, more than 900 tonnes of gold has been extracted from the Kolar mine.

➛ Kolar, located 100 kilos away from Bangalore, is well known for its gold production. In the year 1905, India was ranked 6th in terms of producing the highest gold in the world.

➛ The British used to call the mine of Kolar as Mini England.

➛ KGF is the 2nd city in Asia after Japan where electricity was introduced.

➛ Mr. Narendra Modi's government is now preparing to reopen the Kolar mine. It is believed that even today a large amount of gold is present in the mine of Kolar.

➛ Thousands of employees used to work in Bharat Gold Mines Limited in KGF. In the year 2001, the government company stopped its excavation. The reason for this was that gold was less available and the cost of digging started becoming more than that.

➛ Asia's 1st hydro electric power station was established at Shivanasamudra, 131 km from KGF.

➛ From Gupta, Chola dynasty, Tipu Sultan to British, for many years the gold of Kolar mine was looted a lot.

➛ In 1903, the British government built a lake at Betmangala to supply water to the KGF and its surrounding villages. This artificial lake became a picnic spot.


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