CBC Test Full Form In Medical

Complete Blood Count

Dear Mates, welcome to FullFormsDetailed. Today's topic is the CBC test full form in medical. Mates, you must have heard the name CBC test, but you know what full form of CBC test is? If not, then in this post you will get the first CBC test full form along with specific details about CBC. So read this post till the end.

CBC Test Full Form In Medical
CBC Test Full Form In Medical

What is the full form of CBC test in medical?

➛ The full form of CBC is 'Complete Blood Count'. It is a simple blood test through which disorders and diseases arising in your body can be detected. It detects the count of blood cells present in your blood so that their decrease or increase can be calculated.

➛ Counting of RBC (Red Blood Cell) and WBC (White Blood Cell) in our body by CBC. According to this, diseases like fever, infection, anemia, lymphoma, cancer etc. can be detected. Actually these cells carry oxygen to all parts of our body.

How is CBC tested?

CBC tests can be done in any government and private hospital. It's a very easy process. In the hospital, a sample of blood is taken from your hand. To test this sample the test is sent to the lab. This test detects the following reasons present in your body;

1. WBC (White Blood Count)

2. RBC (Red Blood Count)

3. Indices

4. Platelets

5. Hemoglobin (Hg)

6. Hematocrit (Htc)

7. Mean Platelets Volume (MPV)

Why is it important to get a CBC test done?

As we told you that there is a normal blood test through which the blood is produced in your body. Disorders and disease are detected. In such a situation, it is necessary for you that at least in 2 years get your CBC checked once. Especially when these problems are happening in your body;

1. Any kind of infection

2. Any kind of lump in the body

3. Abdominal pain

4. Anemia

5. Bleeding

6. Fever

7. Fatigue/weakness

8. Leukemia

9. Shortness of breath

10. Weight loss

Other full forms of CBC

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